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    More piling on Lebron

    Man now the image is tarnished people are really piling on, I love it. Check this article out from yahoo

    Inside look at LeBron's free-agent coup - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

    I love how they just flat out said they can win with Kobe with or without Lebron. Anybody see Spike Lee's movie Kobe doing work? That movie was great, play by play what's going through a basketball genius head on everyplay, it was amazing to watch. Watch it and ask yourself is there a chance in hell Lebron is thinking this much????

    At first when Lebron signed with the Heat I was ******, thinking about it more I'm happy. Rooting against him will be so much fun, and the great part is if he doesn't win now, he'll be exposed for the overhyped player that he is. No more excuses Lebron you better win multibles or go down as Oscar Robertson!

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    Re: More piling on Lebron

    Kobe > LeBronze. Always has been, always will be.


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