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    Re: HUGE weekend for NW

    I really hope some of these kids, especially on D, see that there is opportunity that if you are good enough you will play early. I think Cooper would play more on the DL if he would have gotten to camp and learned faster, or I hope anyway.

    Iowa needs a talent influx and quickly on both sides of the ball.

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    Re: HUGE weekend for NW

    Quote Originally Posted by ICAlumni View Post
    We had better get 38 or so because I don't think Persa will have a hard time putting 35 on the Hawks. Our team is reeling right now. If they lose this game, it's going to get ugly.
    While Persa wont have a hard time scoring, the defense is not the part of the team that is reeling. They have stepped it up and kept the game close on satruday when it could have been a blowout. I agree though, let the Hawks put up 38 just to be safe.

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    Re: HUGE weekend for NW

    Where do we stand with all these guys? Have any narrowed to a top 5/3? Mostly interested in Garmon and Lambert as I haven't really paid attention to their recruiting.

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    Re: HUGE weekend for NW

    I'd say if you get an official your in the top 5, as they only have 5 officials they can take. other than that I do not know.

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