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Where Are They Now: Matt Bowen

Mitch Smith

January 21, 2015

Former Hawkeye Matt Bowen was a force on the field for the Hawkeyes. These days, he is a force with his keyboard as a sports journalist.

Where Are They Now: Dallas Clark

Mitch Smith

January 13, 2015

Now retired from the NFL, former Hawkeye Dallas Clark is taking his talents from the gridiron to the vineyard

Where Are They Now: Steve Krafcisin

Mitch Smith

January 7, 2015

Steve Krafcisin played in Final Fours for two different programs, including Iowa’s 1980 appearance. Catch up with the former Hawkeye great

Where Are They Now: Geno Sessi

Mitch Smith

December 30, 2014

Few Hawkeyes have had a debut like Geno Sessi…but an injury derailed a promising career. This week’s ‘Where Are They Now’ focuses on Sessi

Where Are They Now: Scott Rabenold

Mitch Smith

December 19, 2014

Former Iowa gray teamer has a rooting dilemma; cheer on the alma mater or his employer in the Taxslayer Bowl?

Where Are They Now: Andy Lightfoot

Mitch Smith

December 4, 2014

Former Iowa offensive lineman Andy Lightfoot took care of quarterbacks and running backs in his playing days. Now a doctor, he takes care of patients

Where Are They Now: Cody O’Hare

Mitch Smith

November 20, 2014

Cody O’Hare helped Iowa stop opponents in his playing days. Those days are over but he is still in uniform in Iowa City

Where Are They Now: Scott Helverson

Mitch Smith

November 13, 2014

Former Iowa Wide Receiver Scott Helverson is still spending his fall Saturday’s on the gridiron, but he’s now wearing NFL stripes.

Where Are They Now: Matt Sherman

Mitch Smith

November 6, 2014

Even though former Iowa quarterback Matt Sherman finds himself working with the Minnesota Golden Gophers, ‘Once a Hawk, always a Hawk’

Where Are They Now: Quinn Early

Mitch Smith

October 29, 2014

Former Iowa wideout Quinn Early dazzled Hawkeye fans during his playing days. He still dazzles crowds, but as a Hollywood stuntman.

Where Are They Now: Anton Narinskiy

Mitch Smith

October 22, 2014

Anton Narinskiy didn’t achieve fame on the field for the Hawkeyes, but he is hard at work to earn it another way; via a cinema and television career.

Where Are They Now: Nick Gallery

Mitch Smith

October 15, 2014

This week’s ‘Where Are They Now’ focuses on a former record-setting punter and his new career in the world of fashion.

Where Are They Now: Grant Steen

Mitch Smith

October 8, 2014

Grant Steen starred for the Hawkeyes during their early Ferentz era rise…now he takes on a new challenge.

Where Are They Now: Tavian Banks

Mitch Smith

October 1, 2014

After an NFL career cut short by injuries, the former Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year didn’t want to let his sports performance expertise go to waste.

Where Are They Now: Lew Montgomery

Mitch Smith

September 24, 2014

This week’s Where Are They Now feature shines the light on former Hawkeye fullback Lew Montgomery.

Where Are They Now: Matt Kroul

Mitch Smith

September 17, 2014

After three seasons in New York as a member of the Jets, Matt Kroul returned to Mount Vernon, Iowa to continue a family legacy.

Where Are They Now: Sean Considine

Mitch Smith

September 8, 2014

Former Iowa safety Sean Considine’s career has transitioned from special teams to specialty meats.

Where Are They Now: Paki O’Meara

Mitch Smith

September 1, 2014

This installment of our ‘Where Are They Now’ series is truly a question; where in the world is Paki O’Meara now??

Where Are They Now: Jovon Johnson

Mitch Smith

August 26, 2014

This is the first in what will be a series of ‘Where Are They Now’ items, abbreviated ‘WATN” which focuses on former Hawkeyes and what they are doing now

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