We are excited to announce a new addition to our message board forums, called ‘HN Extra’.

We appreciate each and every one of you who visits our site, reads our articles and spends time in our forums. We also realize the forums aren’t for everyone, and for some folks, you’d like to take part in the forums but there are reasons you choose to not be active.

Based on feedback through the past eight years we have been a free sight, the biggest concern forum users express to us is a lack of civility at times and at other times, outright trolling.

While our forums are too large to go through every post, we feel our new membership forum called ‘HN Extra’ will be a fun, enjoyable and informative place for Iowa fans who want the inside scoop, who want to have adult level discussions and debates and be free from trolls.

Here are a few of the highlights that will also serve as a list of (what we feel are) benefits to this forum:

TROLL FREE: Trolls typically don’t pay money to access premium forums. If someone were to do that, we will gladly keep their payment and then promptly ban them without reentry or refund.

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TROLL FREE: Yeah, this deserves another bullet point. Our hope is the level of conversation and back and forth in this forum will be something you enjoy, like the good old days. Does this mean we can’t have debates, or even spirited debates? Not at all. In fact, I enjoy such exchanges. It does mean this forum will be a place where we can agree to disagree without things devolving into a flame war or insult fests.

NEWS & NUGGETS: One of the reasons Rob and I have been pushing for a premium forum is because we want to have a place to post some news items, nuggets, etc, that we don’t necessarily want all eyes to see….that may seem like an odd proposition to you, but we’ve both been at this for nearly 20 years. We have developed great relationships in Iowa City…we know a lot of ‘insiders’ and there are often times when we have a tip, nugget, whatever you want to call it, that we are not comfortable disseminating generally, but we will post such items in here.

BREAKING NEWS: In this day and age of twitter, it’s next to impossible to ‘monetize’ breaking news. That said, when we hear and confirm breaking news items, we will likely post them here first before disseminating them generally via our other forums and social media channels. Most stories that wind up panning out will typically have their ‘unveiling’ in a premium forum.

RUMORS: Neither Rob nor I are big on rumors…but there are times when some rumors are more credible than others. Rob and I will feel comfortable posting things here behind the paywall, as the folks who are likely to subscribe to a premium forum are also mature enough to handle what is posted responsibly.

Most people who pay for access like this tend to value what they receive and are less likely to share it with the world. We can’t demand that you keep what you see and read here entirely confidential…we’d like that of course, but we are not naive and we realize that some folks will struggle with that.

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January 15, 2018 — HawkeyeNation.com Survey – Sound Off on HN User Experience

HN.com is always looking to improve in every facet, please let us know how we are performing with our HN.com survey

So thanks again for stopping by, thanks again for supporting this website and Rob and I look forward to engaging you in some high level Hawkeye discussions. ┬áIt will take a bit for the discussions to gain traction, but if any of you have been around a new forum launch in the past, you know that to be the case…and your interactions will be a big part in making the place feel like home in no time.