New Rainmaker Imports merchandise is making it rain down on Iowa fans with new Hawkeyes merchandise. Need Christmas ideas for your favorite Hawk fan? We have you covered here with a discount (see details at bottom). All you have to do is wrap it up and put a bow on it.


Hawkeyes Tailgate Station


Love tailgating, but just aren’t sure where to put your drink? Maybe you need a place to put your brat down so you can enjoy a meal without having to stand. Or maybe you are trying to explain the X and O’s of football to your friend and need a place to write on. Well the Hawkeyes Tailgate Station is for you! Oh, it is pretty cool too.

Product specs include aluminum construction, polyester fabric, aluminum top and shelves as well as locking casters. Dimensions include opening at 40 (length) by 33 (width) by 19 (height) inches and weighs 31 pounds.

This is easily one of the most portable items you’ll take tailgating. The tailgate station easily breaks down into a bag and sets up in a few minutes. It’s designed to be easy with no assembly, lightweight with a sturdy construction. The shelves and top can hold up to 150 lbs.

This is perfect for all recreation, tailgate, camp or home use. The Hawkeyes tailgate station edition comes in two designs: a barn wood or yellow station.

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Hawkeyes GruvQube Bluetooth Speaker


The GruvQube looks and sounds great during your game watch parties. Want to watch the Iowa basketball game, but don’t want to listen to Dan Dakich? No problem, just turn on your Bluetooth GruvQube and blast “Back in Black” instead.

Not only can you sing along with the GruvQube, but you also have a nice comfy ottoman seat or footrest too. Dimensions include a 15.75 (length) by 15.75 (width) by 14.57 (height) inches and weighs slightly over 17 pounds.

The speaker can play up to four hours without charging or you can plug it in and play it 24/7. The three-speaker driver produces quality sound and impressive bass with 10W speaker drivers and a 25W subwoofer. In addition, the quality upholstery is easy to clean with PVC leather.

This product is great for any home, dorm room, office or garage. You can even bring it tailgating and protect it by placing it inside your brand new Hawkeyes Tailgate Station! The Hawkeyes GruvQube edition comes in two designs: a white speaker or a rugged black and yellow version.

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To purchase the Hawkeyes Tailgate Station and/or GruvQube, visit

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