Hawkeye Power Index 1-16

January 16, 2015

Written by David Schwartz

Each week during college basketball season Hawkeye Nation releases its Hawkeye Basketball Power Index, a ranking of Iowa’s players based on performance and importance to the team.

  1. Jarrod Uthoff

Previous rank: 2

Uthoff’s recent performances, capped by his 22-point, four-block, final-seconds tour de force against Minnesota, give him the top spot for the first time this season. Most impressive about Uthoff, whether he is having a good night or bad, he doesn’t alter his approach. He just plays.

  1. Aaron White

Previous rank: 1

White’s demotion from first to second shouldn’t reflect negatively on the senior. Uthoff earned the top spot. White continues to play … pretty well … although it looks like he’s struggling to create his own shots.

  1. Gabriel Olaseni

Previous rank: 3

Uthoff’s last-second shot overshadowed Olaseni’s last-minute block. Olaseni continues to be a defensive force, although it’s strange: when he blocks a few shots, his scoring dips, and when his scoring climbs, the blocks vanish. Probably just a coincidence.

  1. Peter Jok

Previous rank: 4

Shoot Jok shoot. Shoot Jok shoot.

  1. Mike Gesell

Previous rank: 5

His strong assist-to-turnover ratio – 2.32 – helps negate his overall, and surprising, lack of offense. We all know he can score. We’ve seen him do it. The Hawks could use a few more points than Gesell has been giving them.

(The dropoff in production between Iowa’s top 5 and the rest of the team is startling. To appropriately represent the disparity between the top 5 and the rest of the team, we’ve been leaving the 6-10 slots open.)

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  1. Adam Woodbury

Previous rank: 13

Woodbury’s nine-point, eight-rebound performance against Minnesota was his best since Iowa’s Dec. 3 win against North Carolina. Maybe he’s emerging from his slump? 

  1. Josh Oglesby

Previous rank: 11

Oglesby panic level: 4/10. Hit 1-of-2 three-pointers against Minnesota to raise his season three-point shooting percentage to 28 percent.

  1. Anthony Clemmons

Previous rank: 14

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Three assists, no turnovers, five points. Perfect. (I’m a Clemmons supporter and apologist. My fondness for competent backup Hawkeye point guards dates to Mon’ter Glasper.)

  1. Dom Uhl

Previous rank: 12

Any scoring he may have contributed against Minnesota was undone by his three turnovers in just nine minutes.

  1. Brady Ellingson

Previous rank: 15

DNP Iowa’s last three games.

  1. Trey Dickerson

Previous rank: 16

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Mac McCausland made an interesting point earlier this week on KGYM’s “Afternoon Players Club” show. Dickerson’s uncommon speed could be an asset for Iowa coming off the bench, but unfortunately it looks like 2014-15 is going to have to be chalked up as a learning year for the junior-college transfer.

  1. Kyle Denning

Previous rank: 17

Walk-on hasn’t played since Dec. 9 against Alcorn State.

  1. Okey Ukah

Previous rank: 18

Walk-on hasn’t played since Dec. 9 against Alcorn State.

  1. Charlie Rose

Previous rank: 19

Walk-on hasn’t played since Dec. 9 against Alcorn State.


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