Peter Jok has not been given much of an opportunity to showcase his skills with the New Orleans Pelicans Summer League team this year.

Before last night’s game, here is what Jok’s ‘opportunity’ had looked like

July 7th: DNPCD (Did Not Play, Coaches Decision)
July 9th: DNPCD
July 10th: 15 minutes, 2 of 4 shooting, 1 of 2 from three, five points
July 12th: DNPCD
July 13th: DNPCD

Not a very fun summer for Pete…and really, not much of an opportunity at all. Summer League is a funny thing, as there are a lot of hungry players, some veterans mixed in with rookies, looking for a chance to make a scant few available roster spots. It has had to be frustrating for Jok to only see action in one game.

That was before Friday night, July 14th, and this:

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This is called making the most of your first real opportunity, as Jok started the game.

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Who knows where things lead to from here, but Jok certainly turned some heads with that showing and not just in New Orleans. NBA staffers from other teams saw Jok go 5 of 10 from deep, the way he once did at Iowa. I still think the odds are against Jok making a NBA roster come November, but all a person can hope for is a chance.

Jok received his and he made the most of it.