On Thursday, some surprising news emerged in the twittersphere

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The Prime Time League, or PTL, had a phenomenal run. I remember reading the newspaper results of these games as a kid, and I think BJ Armstrong once hit the 70-point plateau. My memory could be mistaken, but it was always a fun summer diversion.

But times change…NCAA rules have changed, and as Randy Larsen said above, those NCAA rules have given coaches access to players and player development in the summer when that didn’t use to be the case.

I had begun to question the value of the PTL in recent years. Though I very much looked forward to watching Rob Howe’s highlight videos, as it was a great chance to see the incoming freshmen mix it up with some veterans, I always feared injuries from this league. Thankfully, nothing catastrophic ever happened, which is surprising.

Here are a few quotes that Iowa sent out on the end of the PTL. It was a great run.

Iowa Head Coach Fran McCaffery

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“I want to personally thank Randy Larson for his incredible efforts organizing and running the Prime Time League for over three decades. Randy did a great job helping young players develop during the summer. The league was his idea and he loved doing it. Thank you to the fans, staff, and coaches who supported the league. This joint decision is a reflection of the recent changes to the student-athletes’ time demands over the summer with the additional strength and conditioning and skill development sessions, as well as summer school classes.”

UNI Head Coach Ben Jacobson

“We want to thank Randy for his vision and passion in making the Prime Time League everything it could be. He always worked to make it the best league possible for our players and fans. Regardless of the team they played on, a team’s record or role on team, our players always had a great opportunity to get better in some aspect of their game. He and Fran were willing to play some games the past few years at the SportsPlex in Waterloo. That decision meant a lot to me, our players, fans and our program. Randy’s efforts will always be appreciated. We also want to thank the coaches and fans. They made the experience a quality one for our players.”