Sunday Search: Fran McCaffery?

March 28, 2010

Written by Jon Miller

The Boston Globe is saying that Fran McCafffery has become the “leading candidate” in the Iowa coaching search. It’s in the item linked below from the Boston Globe regarding the St. John’s job.

He had a cool nickname as a player: “White Magic”

There are so many comments I can make on that in relation to the Iowa job, but it’s probably just best to leave those alone.

Andy Katz of ESPN says that Iowa likes Gregory, which we have all been talking about the last few days, but that Iowa doesn’t want to wait until his season is over, and that Gregory won’t do anything until his season is over. That season will not last beyond this coming Thursday, so I don’t buy that.

It just feels like another day of throwing darts and grasping at shadows. I think you have to keep in mind that guys like Katz talk to agents and assistant coaches who are the mouthpieces for the head coaches…walls that insulate the head coach from the question: ‘Did you speak with Katz about Iowa?’

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This way, they can say ‘no’, and do so without outright lying. This would be along the lines of Craig Neal or Sam Alford speaking with the Missouri search committee back in 2006. It happens a lot.

I don’t want to get worked up over a Fran McCaffery right now until I have to, because I just have doubts about what The Globe is saying…not that McCaffery hasn’t done a good job with Sienna; he has, as they have won the MAAC three straight years.

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It just sort of has a ‘meh?’ factor.

Then again, as I have said repeatedly, whomever Iowa names as their head coach, whom they choose as their assistants is going to be nearly just as important, as long as the head coach has a pretty dynamic personality that relates well with players and people in general.

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