B1G Bowl Game in Chicago?

June 11, 2018

Written by Jon Miller

Will we never learn?

Didn’t we just experience a freezing cold bowl game in New York City that nobody wanted to go to?

Wait..hold my beer….

From Brent’s write up:

“Chicago and Myrtle Beach are near locks to host two of the new bowl games. The Chicago bowl, to be played at Wrigley Field, will feature the Big Ten against the ACC, sources said. To add the Chicago bowl in 2020, the Big Ten is expected to end its affiliation with the Foster Farms Bowl.”

Raise your hands if you are a Big Ten fan and would be excited about traveling to Chicago, who does not have a domed football stadium, to see your team play an outdoor football game sometime in December?

Let’s just say, December 27th?

The normal high is 32, with 18 as the normal low. Your likely best case is somewhere in the high 30’s or low 40’s if it’s a day game, but you certainly would rule out a kick time temp in the teens. Heaven forbid if you played this game at night.

The field conditions for last year’s Pinstripe Bowl were horrific…like running on skates…the temp was cold. And to be 100% honest here, I just had to google the name for that bowl game. I was thinking Big Apple Bowl…I gave myself 15 seconds to try to remember what it was called before googling it. Perhaps I am losing my fastball or it just doesn’t matter all that much. Perhaps there is truth in each of those.

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But here’s the real truth; Big Ten fans won’t want to go sit in freezing cold temps, in large numbers, to watch an exhibition football game in December. The market isn’t screaming for this bowl game, but then again, the market doesn’t seem to be screaming for any additional bowl games.

My hope is that this idea dies a quick death. If you are going to add more bowl games, add them somewhere warm. If the Big Ten is going to affiliate with any new games, play them south of the Mason-Dixon line, or if you feel the need to play one north, do it inside.

If the idea does not die a quick death, and from McMurphy’s ‘near lock’ quote, it appears it will not, then it will most certainly die a cold death at the ticket booth…then again, a bowl game at Wrigley would likely outdraw the Big Ten’s traveling contingent to the Foster Farms Bowl.

However, ‘earning’ a bowl bid to play in Chicago in December sounds more like punishment than a reward.

ADDITION: Some folks disagree with my notion

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