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Iowa has gained quite of a bit of notoriety from the national media for the volume of players they’ve been putting into the NFL the last couple of years. In the last three years, Iowa has had 16 players selected in the NFL draft and numerous others catch on as free agents and make a roster.  Lets take a look at who Iowa may put into the NFL this year.

Riley Reiff – OT – 6’6 300lbs
Reiff is an excellent OT prospect who has the athletic tools to fit in as a LT in most systems. Has pretty good natural knee bend and anchors well against power when feet are set. He improved his technique as a pass blocker noticeably as the ‘11 season went on and become a lot more consistent with his hand placement. Still could use some improvement in his kick-step and slide when matching speed rushers. Occasionally will play a little high as well which makes it tough for him to mirror and shuffle. He uses his length well and will ride speed rushers wide of the pocket with ease much of the time. Gave up a few pressures on inside counter moves and needs to be careful to avoid over-setting to the outside. Footwork in his kick-slide isn’t consistent yet and technique needs polish there. As a run blocker he is very proficient in Iowa’s zone blocking scheme. Shows very good in-line power and can move defenders both up and across the field. Good initial power and solid leverage when used in-line. Finishes his blocks and will put defenders on the ground after drive blocking in the run game. Works his hips around on defenders and gives backs decisive cut lanes in zone scheme. Does very well with hand placement in the run game and shows excellent get off when reaching down to a 3 technique. Takes good angles to 2nd level targets and is a good athlete for size. Overall an excellent OT prospect.

Notes: 23 yr old,RS Junior. Will need to add additional bulk & strength. Wingspan appears about average, length likely not an issue.

40 20 Shuttle 3 Cone 60 Shuttle Vert Jump Broad Jump Bench Press
Riley Reiff 5.18 4.75 7.87 N/A 26.5 8’2 23

Grade: Top 15

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Marvin McNutt – WR – 6’3 215
A big framed former QB who made a successful transition to WR. Big frame makes him a natural red zone weapon. Has long arms and excellent leaping ability. Great in jump ball situations and tracks the ball in flight very well. Makes great adjustments down the field and will high point passes. Has shown ability to climb the ladder to go get high & hard passes as well. Improved greatly as a route runner in Senior season and consistently made DBs open hips before making his break on curls and deep outs. Doesn’t have a lot explosiveness out of breaks and relied on precision routes to separate from man coverage. Lacks game breaking speed but can make plays with size and savvy after the catch. Has had issues with drops and ball security in his career. Has big soft hands and snatches the ball away from his frame very well and drops have more to do with concentration and focus. Carries the ball loose from his frame at times and fumbled a few times because of it. Does a reasonable job beating press coverage but needs to be more consistent in this area. Effective on 3 step routes and has some subtle-ness in his movements off the line. Doesn’t have a real good burst off the line and needs to improve explosiveness. Struggled to separate from quality corners in man coverage at times. Should be an impact guy immediately as a sub package guy and red zone target. Could grow into a solid number two target in the right system.

Notes: 28TD catches in career. Looks to be a 4.55 40 guy.

40 20 Shuttle 3 Cone 60 Shuttle Vert Jump Broad Jump Bench Press
Marvin McNutt 4.54 4.07 7.15 11.62 37 10’2 N/A

Pro day:  McNutt only participated in the 3 cone drill and position drills. He improved his time to 6.95 which is a pretty important number for WRs. The 3 cone drill is a pretty good indicator for a WRs ability to get in and out of breaks as a route runner. By all accounts McNutt was solid during position drills and consistently plucked the ball away from his body. McNutt has all the tools to consistently make sound catches but has some lapses on film. He has a huge catching radius and should be an easy target to hit. Overall a solid pro day for Mcnutt.

Grade: 3rd Round

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NOTE: HawkeyeGameFilm is a former college football player who has done scouting work for some professional football teams.