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Enemy Recon: Nebraska

November 21, 2018

Written by Sean Neugent

What’s that noise? Shhh. Listen. Do you hear it? Oh wait, that was just the sound of the Cornhuskers footsteps. Yes, we have arrived. Sure, it took a little bit. But, here we are ready to rumble.

Remember when everyone around the nation was laughing at us? We didn’t forget. The funny thing is, we now see you trembling with fear as we look to get back into National Championship form. Maybe it isn’t this year, but next year we will contend for the B1G title.

The Hawkeyes better hope they win this game because those opportunities are going to be few and far between in the Frost-era. And, you best beware: there is a Frost warning for the foreseeable future.

This is Enemy Recon: Nebraska edition. We go behind enemy lines to see what the opposing fans are saying about the matchup with the Hawkeyes. 

Reasons for Reassurance vs. Iowa:

Kinnick Stadium is nothing special, just a place. A place fit for Iowa football. Proof: we have won two of three in Iowa City since joining the B1G

This will be the only time the Hawks will be favored in the Scott Frost-era

This game will be payback from the seniors on the team for the last three years

We are the hotter team with much more success in the last month than Iowa has

The Hawkeyes are going to have their hands full dealing with our offense

The offense is going to get their points. We have faced better defenses and have too many weapons to shutdown all of them

Iowa is not as good on defense as Michigan State and the weather forecast looks better than it was last weekend, so the offense will score some points

We are winless on the road, but the last two were a three-point loss at Northwestern and a five-point loss at Ohio State. Both better teams than Iowa

The Hawkeyes would be 0-4 on the road too with the same schedule of playing Northwestern, Wisconsin, Ohio State and Michigan

Get Iowa’s defense in space like Purdue and Wisconsin always do and they pucker. Those big linebackers get exposed outside of the box

Iowa has been tossed to the side any time they have played a competitive team this year

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If the defense puts pressure on QB Nate Stanley, he is going to fold

The Hawkeyes defense is disciplined, but slow

Iowa is such an inconsistent team and has not been great at home this year

Reasons for Concern vs. Iowa:  

The spread is justifiable considering Iowa has won by an average of 26 points per game the last three years

We are getting close, but next year will be the real breakout year

The offense just doesn’t play well in bad weather — Coach Frost is still used to the Florida weather and will need to adjust his team to bad/cold weather in the future as it can drastically change an offensive scheme

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Can the defense stop the Hawkeyes offense enough to hold them to field goals and force some turnovers? It will be the key to winning

The Hawkeyes offense is much better than MSU, so we will need to score more than nine points

The Hawkeyes offense is a bad matchup for the defense

If this game is a defensive struggle like last week, the Hawkeyes will come up on top

The team is just not as physical right now as the Hawkeyes are

The defense better improve at stopping the run between tackles and covering the tight end. We haven’t done well with that and we were lucky MSU’s tight end dropped two passes in the end zone

We are going to have to play the best game of the year. Iowa does not beat itself

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Against Iowa, the linebackers and corners are going to need to have a near perfect day as there is probably no better tight end duo than T.J. Hockenson and Noah Fant

Fans Level of Confidence for a Victory (out of 5 stars):

1 Star – No shot

2 Stars – Improbable, but “you’re telling me we’ve got a chance”

3 Stars – Game could go either way

4 Stars – We are going to win this game, but it will be tough

5 Stars – No shot Iowa wins this game

Nebraska Confidence vs. Iowa:

# Of Stars – 3.25 stars

The Nebraska Fans Overall Narrative for this Game:

This team comes in with a lot of positives and this game could be huge to help rollover some momentum into next year. There is rain in the forecast, which will favor the Hawks in this game. But, if the rain could hold off we have the playmakers on offense to light up the Iowa defense. In that case, our defense is going to need to make some stops against a solid Iowa offense that can move the ball. It should be a good game. The Hawks haven’t proven they can win close games and its now in their heads. We are winning this game in the clutch, 23-20.

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