Iowa Offensive Coordinator Greg Davis retired last week, surprising a lot of folks with the timing of the announcement.

I was one of those ‘surprised folks’ due entirely to the timing, not that Iowa would be seeing a change at the position; I felt a change was long overdue. But again, the timing.

In the past, when Ferentz has seen changes on his staff, the timing of the change has typically come after Signing Day. Like it or not, the rationale behind such timing is to minimize the risk to the recruiting class.

When Ken O’Keefe resigned, it was after signing day. When Lester Erb’s contract was not renewed, it came after signing day. When Kirk Ferentz officially acknowledged Erik Campbell’s ‘moving on to pursue other opportunities’, it came around signing day, even though most people knew he would not be returning.

Norm Parker retired in December, but he was also dealing with significant failing health issues and could no longer go on the road for recruiting purposes.

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So the timing of Davis’ retirement stands out to me, this ‘far away’ from signing day. There are two reasons I can think of for this timing.

The first would be if it has something to do with a Human Resources timeline within the University, as it relates to compensation, timing of such, etc. I do not have the answer for you there.

The second would be that Kirk Ferentz knows who the next Offensive Coordinator will be, prior to the job being posted on the University’s website and for whatever period of time the job has to be posted, and that it can be used in recruiting the rest of the way for this class.

I believe Brian Ferentz is going to be Iowa’s next Offensive Coordinator, and I think this would be a positive development. I think it might be something of a positive on the recruiting trails, too.

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I am not going out on a limb with this Brian Ferentz speculation, as I believe most folks think the Ferentz progeny is going to ascend to the position. However the timing of Davis’ announcement, unless it has HR implications, makes me even more convinced that this speculation will become official sometime in February.