The Big Ten Network’s website posted an item on Wednesday morning that listed the Big Ten’s draft pick totals over the last decade.

Ohio State led the way with 59 picks overall and Iowa was a surprising second at 45.. Iowa was also in a tie for third with six first round picks, behind Ohio State and Penn State.

Iowa and Wisconsin tied with five tight ends drafted.

Here are Iowa’s picks by position:

OL: 13
DB: 9
DL: 8
LB: 5
TE: 5
RB: 2
WR: 1
QB: 1
K: 1

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There is a lot more interesting data at that link, so it would be worth your time to click on it.  Now, I know what some of you are going to say; how come Iowa hasn’t won more games?

Iowa has had a school record six players drafted in each of the past three NFL drafts.  This year, it’s likely that Micah Hyde will be the only Iowa player drafted and there is a chance no Iowa player is selected.

Psst: That’s a part of how you go 4-8.

Here is the BTN List, and then out to the right and in parenthesis, I put the team’s corresponding overall and conference record during that time frame.  This will take into account the 2002-2011 seasons, which were the season’s played in advance of the corresponding draft years used.

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1. Ohio State 59 (105-24) (93-24 officially recognized)
2. Iowa 45 (85-42)
T-3. Nebraska 41 (82-48)
T-3. Wisconsin 41 (94-37)
5. Penn State 40 (had to forfeit too many years)
6. Michigan 39 (82-44)
7. Purdue 27 (64-61)
8. Illinois 26 (44-77)
9. Michigan State 26 (70-56)
10. Northwestern 12 (62-63)
T-11. Minnesota 11 (58-67)
T-11. Indiana 11 (37-82)

Wisconsin has done a great job on the field and in the draft.  I’d say given their resources compared to Ohio State’s, they are probably the team of the last decade in the Big Ten.  Of course, Ohio State has won the most games but Wisconsin hasn’t been under the spectre of major NCAA sanctions and they also don’t have the recruiting base that Ohio State has, either.  Iowa is in third in overall wins during that era, which is very much in line with their number of draft picks.