A Thursday Iowa Hawkeye mashup full of football and black and gold goodness.

By now you are probably aware that James Vandenberg shot and killed a bear with a bow. Get all of the story in his own words here:

Marc Morehouse of The Gazette writes about the bear story here. Originally, I put the over/under related to the number of Iowa game telecasts that will have a cutaway shot with Vandenberg and the bear at 10.5. I have now moved it to 12 with one condition; it moves to 13 if Iowa qualifies for a bowl game.

Here is another interesting nugget from Morehouse today, via his twitter feed:

Jaleel Johnson at 323? It also sounds like he’s not a flabby 323, either. Chances are he sheds 10-15 pounds between now and the first game; that just happens during summer drills and fall camp. Still, if he is 300+ by the start of September and holds his own in August, he might become one of the first if not the first Ferentz era true freshman to play defensive tackle. Christian Ballard began his career at defensive end in 2007 and played as a true freshman, then moved inside to tackle for 2009.

I am still of the opinion that it’s rarely a good thing for a true freshman to play on the defensive line. They are either unreal talents and are just that good, or as is more often the case your defensive line needs a lot of help. I think the latter is clearly the case this year. You’d really want to see him be able to redshirt, like Darion Cooper did for Iowa last year.

The question, at least for me, is would playing a true freshman along the line make your team a lot better and perhaps be the difference in a few games? If the answer is no, redshirt him.

The Press-Citizen had some quotes in this item from Iowa players on what advice they might give to incoming Iowa running back Greg Garmon following his arrest on possession of marijuana.

Switching to Iowa basketball, the Prime Time League draft was held on Wednesday night and Randy Larson took Jarrod Uthoff with the first overall pick.

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August 18, 2018 — Looking at Potential Playing Time for Hawkeye True Freshmen

New four-game rule makes decisions on first-year players more interesting.

Mike Gesell went second, followed by Aaron White then Devyn Marble. I would have taken Marble first overall if I was picking, but then again I spend a lot of time in my recliner and in front of my laptop screen.

Larson also drafted Zach McCabe, Adam Woodbury and Josh Oglesby. Joining Gesell are Melsahn Basabe, Kyle Meyer, Darius Stokes and former Hawkeye Jarryd Cole. White, Eric May and Anthony Clemmons will be on the same team as will Marble and Olaseni. Patrick Ingram is staying back home in Indiana this summer.

Maybe Larson wasn’t crazy with his picks, as his team looks like the best on paper.