Monday, August 6th means Iowa football media day for the 2012 season. Scores of media members will descend on Kinnick Stadium at 1:30 as Kirk Ferentz will lead off with his annual press conference.

I suspect Ferentz will have a word or two on De’Andre Johnson no longer being on the team and this year he might actually be able to give a comment or two as to how things have gone thus far, as Iowa has been practicing since Friday. In the past, Iowa has either not begun to practice or the freshmen have been the only players to do any real work.

Still, I suspect much of what Ferentz will have to say will be along the lines of what he said last week in Chicago. If you missed any of that, you can catch up on about 10,000 words at this link.

After Ferentz finishes up, it’s off to the practice fields to interview Iowa’s assistant coaches along with this year’s Iowa football players. We’ll have numerous video interviews over the course of the next week along with some transcripts and photos.

Here are a few things I am interested in seeing and hearing…

Defensive Line: How do these guys look? I am no longer one who goes gaga over the eyeball test. To me, all of the players are fairly large. However, the defensive linemen are worth taking a look at. Is Carl Davis big and cut? How does Darian Cooper look? Jaleel Johnson is listed at 300-pounds; is he really ‘chiseled’ at that weight as some have suggested?

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Greg Davis: I am sure he’ll be holding court for much of his time out on the interview field. It will be just the second or third time the media (at large) has gotten a chance to speak with him and the first time for many members of the media.

Phil Parker: It will be his first Iowa media day as a coordinator. I’d like to speak with him related to the ‘chances’ Iowa may have to take this year given the challenges up front. Of course, I don’t expect anything earth shattering from him, or any of the coaches.

Brian Ferentz: He was always one of the best player interviews on the team when he was at Iowa, sometimes offering up more interesting commentary than his father. We’ll see if that remains the same or if his time around Bill Belichick has diffused some of his candor (which I expect). Regardless, it will be fun speaking to him now as ‘Coach Ferentz’.

Jake Rudock: Last year, he was a ‘little guy’ around 185-pounds. Now, he’s listed at 200-pounds in the media guide. I am interested to see how the weight room work has paid off for him.

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There are other sights worth seeing as well as a few story angles I am chewing on. Media day is the start of a new season and will be the 13th consecutive Iowa media day I will be attending. I am looking forward to it.

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