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For our second installment we’ll take a look at the target data and metrics for Iowa Tight Ends from 2005-2011 and try determine who had the best pass catching season.

CR: Total catches/Total Targets.
YPT: Total receiving yards/Total targets.
Target %: Total targets/Total Team Targets
YPC: Total receiving yards/Total Catches
TD%: Total targets/Total Touchdowns

As with the RBs we’ll initially omit any candidate with less than 10 targets in a given season.

This first set of statistics is the full list of Iowa TEs and is sorted by CR. While there are some great seasons towards the top, they’re very light on targets. To get a more clear picture of the higher target seasons numbers compare to each other we’ll filter the list for the TEs who saw more than 30 targets. This allows us see a less cluttered comparison and results in this list:

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Coincidentally the list sorted by CR is also sorted by by YPT. Allen Reisner’s 2010 numbers tops this list with a CR of 76.4% and also has the top YPT at 8.4 yards. Scott Chandler’s 2005 and Brandon Myers 2008 are close behind at 8.3. Chandlers 2006 number of 17.80 target percentage tops the list there.

Another point of interest here is that similar to the RB numbers in 2007 the catch rate numbers were abnormally low for TEs. As with the RBs this can be attributed more to QB play than to any deficiency by the receivers.

There isn’t a clear cut winner among the TEs. There’s a strong case for Allen Reisner in 2010 with his 76.4% CR and 8.4 YPT while still accounting for 15.9% of the teams total targets. However, Scott Chandlers numbers from ‘05 and ‘06 are very strong in those categories as well. He also had more total targets in both years while still having 8.4YPT, 71.2%CR in ‘05 and 8.3 YPT 65% CR in ‘06. In both ‘05 and ‘06 he had 17+ % of the teams total targets as well. Chandler’s ‘06 also has a big lead over Reisner ‘10 in terms of TD %: 8.45 to 3.64. It’s a tough call, but I’ll go with Allen Reisner’s 2010 season as the most efficient for TEs. Chandler in 2006 would be a close second and Chandler ‘05 would be close 3rd..

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Winner: 2010 Allen Reisner

In the final article of this series we’ll examine the target history of the Iowa WR group over the same time period, 2005-2011.