I was listening to Dark Side of the Moon while doing some yard work on Friday afternoon…sober of course.

I remembered an interview I watched with Pink Floyd guitarist and vocalist David Gilmour where he lamented about never having had the opportunity to put on headphones and listen to that record straight through for the first time.

It made me think about which album I might want to listen to again for the first time if I could wipe away my memory of ever having heard it. So I posted the question on twitter for some fun and received a great number of responses.

One person brought up a sporting event, which made me think this could be a fun exercise for our summer series of Hawkeye polls.

So consider this…if you could go back and relive an Iowa game from the past without any recollection of the outcome, which would you choose?

We’ll break it down into decades; 1980’s, 1990’s and then 2000 to present. Why break it down? To give everyone a chance to weigh in on some of their memories. For those of us 40 and older, we’ll have a chance to vote on each of these polls having seen all of the events happen. For those who are 30 or older, the 1990’s to present will include events you have seen, and so on.

Then again in this day and age, those of you who are younger than 40 may have had the chance to watch many of the events we’ll list in each of the polls thanks to the Big Ten Network, Hulu, youtube and more. We’ll paste in the poll now and provide links and video embeds to some of the poll choices so you can see them for the first time or relive them all over again. You can make TWO choices in the poll. Then after we run our 1990’s and 2000 to present polls, we’ll take the top two of each to see who comes out on top. Thanks for taking part.

Memory Wipe and Watch It Again: 1980’s Edition
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1985 Iowa-Michigan State: Chuck Long Naked Bootleg

1987 Iowa at Illinois: 22 point comeback, Part’s I & II

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1987 Iowa v Oklahoma NCAA Tournament Elite Eight

1987 Iowa at Ohio State: Hartlieb to Cook for the Winner

1981 Iowa at Michigan

1985 #2 Michigan at #1 Iowa

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