Remember the item we shed some light on back in early March, the one where some guy has some insane algorithm that has been an interesting predictor of quarterback results, where he said Ricky Stanzi is the #1 quarterback in the 2011 draft?

Well, that same guy is back and offering up more support for his choice of Stanzi as the #1 pick in this lengthy, data packed yet entertaining read.

If you like Ricky Stanzi (which probably means all of you reading this) then you will love the read.  If you like Stanzi but have doubts as to his success in the NFL, give it a read.

If you are a real American, give it a read.

This, from the item:

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Ricky Stanzi is potentially the Kevin Kolb story of 2011. Stanzi, like Kolb was, is a current media #6-7 QB overall for the Draft. Like the Kolb situation of 2007 (Philly making a trade to move up to get him much earlier than experts expected), the “smart” teams are potentially going to have a feeding frenzy in the early 2nd Round or late 1st Round to out-do each other in trying to secure Stanzi (if I’m right about Stanzi).

As the item reminds us, Kolb was considered a mid-round selection, much in the way Stanzi is right now.  But Philadelphia moved up and took him with the #36 overall pick of the draft, an early 2nd round pick…Kolb was the #1 quarterback prospect in the 2007 draft according to the guy who is writing this about Stanzi…that year, JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn went ahead of Kolb…and so far, while the book has not been written on Kolb, you’d have to say Kolb’s future in the league is more bright than Russell’s (he gone) and Quinn’s (he almost gone). 

This item talks about how the smart teams draft…and also offers some interesting data with regards to when Joe Montana, John Elway and Dan Marino retired…when they were 38 years old…the item points out that Peyton Manning is pushing 36 while Tom Brady is 34…and why those two teams might be interested in Stanzi, as well as others.

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So give it a whirl and enjoy it.