Q: You guys ran some sprints today after this practice. We normally don’t see that.

James Vandenberg: I think we are just trying to maintain our shape. We conditioned all summer. We haven’t done much in camp. It was just a few sprints. We will survive

Q: What did you think of the scrimmage on the whole?

Vandenberg: I think we have a long way to go. We have been here a week and going hard and today was a good evaluation day. I think both sides of the ball has a long way to go and that is what the plays are for.

Q: Kevonte Martin-Manley just seems to make plays.

Vandenberg: I have a lot of good guys to throw to and they have been doing a great job all year. I have a lot of weapons out there.

Q: Is it starting to set in for you that this is your team?

Vandenberg: Yeah, I think we are all pushing forward. There are a lot of new faces out there. I think we are putting in the time and we want to keep pushing forward and not make the same mistakes

Q: Is the offense where you feel it needs to be at this point in camp?

Vandenberg: I don’t know how to evaluate that, but I know we have to get better. Everyone can clean things up and we will keep working to do that.

Q: What have you seen out of Jason White, DeAndre Johnson and McCall?

Vandenberg: All three have done a really nice job. McCall has done a nice job of working in and Jason and DeAndre continue to improve. We are all looking forward to watching that the rest of camp and see who emerges. It’s a privilege working with all of them

Q: Lot of McCall talk…

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Vandenberg: I know he is a great guy, he was here all summer and always asking me to work with him to get extra reps. He is a physical guy for coming out of high school. It’s fun to watch him grow and he has done a nice job of progressing this past week.

Q: What have you been seeing out of the battle for the third receiver slot?

Vandenberg: They have been doing a good job There have been a few different faces. KMM, or splitting tight ends out sometimes. They are learning like I am. It’s new for them, so they are learning every day and we are going to keep pushing forward.

Q: Coach was barking about tempo a lot today?

Vandenberg: Yes, especially on a day when we go full go, which we don’t do that much. I think everyone needed to push the tempo today.

Q: Coach got excited down during the goal line drill…

Vandenberg: That is our second time doing that. I think it’s a cool period for everyone. It’s two yards, it’s live, they know what we are going to do. It’s a strength test. the defense got us the other night and we got them today.

Q: Is CJ coming along?

Vandenberg: He has done a nice job this spring and so far this fall. He is a huge target, he is hard for anyone to guard because he is so big and that makes my job easier. You post him up and he has strong hands. I know I missed a few throws to him today.

Q: It seems like there are three or four guys looking for that third receiver slot.

Vandenberg: We have a lot of depth at receiver. We have a lot of young guys pushing, and some walk ons. We are all really pleased with how the receivers have been doing. We need to keep pushing forward.

Q: What is the biggest thing you are working on in camp?

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Vandenberg: Just limiting my mental mistakes. Physical mistakes will happen occasionally, but more often than not they are because you are confused mentally. I don’t want to keep seeing the same look and making the same mistakes.

Q: Is that pre-snap stuff?

Vandenberg: With a lot of experienced guys in the secondary, they do a good job of disguising things. They make my job hard and I appreciate that. I like that they disguise their looks.

Q: Some people don’t realize how quickly you go through your checks, how quickly do you go to next?

Vandenberg: We always say we have three seconds to throw the ball. We never want to hold it more than three seconds. Some people don’t realize how long that is, but when you are back there we always talk about having that mental clock. The ball has to be gone in three seconds. Keep moving the chains and the plays and I think we did a nice job of that today in the two minute drill.

Q: You ran a lot more three wide receiver sets today than fullback sets. Has that been a theme in camp?

Vandenberg: No, It has not been a theme. We did some scenarios today…third down and nickel stuff, which will be more three wide receiver sets. I don’t think we have changed schematically.

Q: You talked about media day about things slowing down for you this year. Have you noticed that so far?

Vandenberg: Yeah, I think so. There are a lot of things I need to clean up, but this is my fourth camp. I know what our defense is going to do. Those veteran DB’s do a good job of hiding things but there are not too many things I haven’t seen, it’s just not missing them. I missed some today and I think the entire offense will keep pushing.