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    Interesting quote from Stanley at the combine

    I would respectfully disagree. Pre-practice and indy time are when a QB coach should be working with his QB on technique. The time for executing the offense, reading the defenses, etc. are during film study, during full team, during 7 on 7, during half-field drills, etc. Teaching technique is...
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    Toren Young Moving On

    I found in 2016, as a HS Sr, Young PR'd with an 11.63 outdoor 100M.
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    Northern Iowa defeats #7 South Dakota St.

    No slouches in their own right...only team since 2011 to win a title, winning in 2016, with a couple other runner up finishes (I think as frequently as 2 years ago).
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    Northern Iowa defeats #7 South Dakota St.

    I think they are in the opposite side of the draw. James Madison is next opponent I think...
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    Northern Iowa defeats #7 South Dakota St.

    3 (?) weeks ago UNI went into SoDakSt and got their doors blown off 38-7, so this is a nice rebound for Farley's team.
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    7-5 is a memorable season for Iowa State?

    I think there may have been a comprehension disconnect, at least from what I understood when I read BryceC's post. Historically, a 7 win season for Iowa State is a good season, just the same as a 8/9 win season is historically good for Iowa (per your own signature admission). ISU, in the last...
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    Another QB?

    They had a massive amount of injuries in their entire offense (not just QB) that contributed to their demise this year. Think the Iowa RB situation in 2004, except at QB, RB, and to a lesser extent WR. Johnson was also dealing with some personal stuff (his mother was diagnosed with cancer...
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    Duncan B1G Kicker of Year, Epenesa 1st-Team All-Conference

    No offense until tomorrow. :)
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    According to the offical roster, it's Pee-trus.
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    Those two passes that Tracy dropped were really good throws. That ball to Ragaini (that you mentioned in your post) was also a very good ball, especially in that moment. The other two throws I wouldn't go as far as to say they were indefensible, necessarily; they were set up by some egregious...
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    To be clear, Iowa has no chance for Indy right? Eddy on radio seemed to think they are still alive

    I think this is the same article I saw but Fryowa and Rico set me straight a page or so ago (and others subsequently followed). If i cant believe things i see on Facebook, what can i believe? Next thing you know I wont be able to get all my research from Wikipedia. What a world... :)
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    To be clear, Iowa has no chance for Indy right? Eddy on radio seemed to think they are still alive

    Just read an article that said in case of a 3 way tie, intra-division record is first tie-breaker. If that article is to be believed, Iowa can win the west by: - Winning last 2 - Purdue beats Wisconsin - NW beats Minnesota - Wisconsin beats Minnesota Not the greatest chance, but not totally...
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    Upset Alert

    Injuries like nobody's business and a general lack of depth they consistently deal with. I think NW's defense COULD keep them in the game if the NW offense can do enough to keep them off the field a bit. Not having Morgan could change that up considerably though...
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    Nate Said “You Know...” 36 Times In Under 3 Minutes

    This immediately came to mind, even though I'm not sure it quite fits...