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    1. uihawk82
      Jon, I just listened to the Instant Podcast of the Purdue game. No, you are not crazy, going for 2 points down 9 is one of the stupidest things Kirk has ever done. You may have read some of my postgame threads and posts about Kirk making several very strange decisions that almost all coaches would not do. The 2pt conversion was one of them. Kirk is so risk averse all most all the time then he does this, crazy.
    2. iloveyoularrystation
      Hey Jon. Have you ever done an expose on the year that will live in Iowa lore, 2010? Whether its the Penn State game having 5000 tickets left a week before the game, or the story you felt needed to be said about QB drop off in the program, all of those things to me seem to lead back to 2010.
    3. 1hawkeye1
      Is Off Topic gone now? Also, is there still a way to send PM's?
    4. atomicblue224
      delete my thread because i think i offend people about god
    5. atomicblue224
      Jon , is it okay to ask who is God? please tell me if i`m wrong to start a thread?
    6. CalvaryHawk
      Took in the Hope Maundy Thursday service at noon today. Was that your daughter who led off the reading? If so, she did a good job and congrats on reaching that benchmark in her faith. (My kids were all so excited to finally be able to receive Communion.) Nevermind if it wasn't her, I guess. :)
      Take Care,
    7. wuppup
      Jon, Can you delete my Hawkeye Nation account?

      Hey Jon, first off, I wanted to personally thank you for taking some time to talk to me after tonights amazing event. It is something that I will never forget. I had always known Norm was a character but never did I realize before that he was such a good speaker.

      For an 18 year old kid, I have a ton of experiance and have met a lot of people and I am very humbled by that. But I am always looking to do more and gain more experiance and knowledge.

      If there is anything that I could do for you, I would love to help out (I can send you a resume' if needed.)

      Thanks again for you time this evening, Austin Bramley from Sioux Falls, SD.
    9. nwiahawks
      i sent you a private message few minutes ago but I am not sure if it sent or not and if you received it. Never sent PM before and not sure if did correctly or what happened, but it not showing up in my sent folder.
      Just want your opinion when you get a chance.
    10. tm3308
      I replied to a post that you made in the "Reasonable Expectations" thread, and a message said it had to be approved by a moderator (I assumed that meant you, but maybe iahawk20). But it's not appeared in the thread, even though there was nothing offensive in it that would warrant rejection. Just wondering what's up there, thanks!

    11. HawkProphet
      Jon, are you going to keep tossing KFs salad? thx
    12. SouthSideHawk
      I logged in and sent 2 messages to Redbullmedic. But neither message is showing in Sent messages folder. I assume he isn't getting them. I can do some of the DVD's for them and send them to him.

      You can reach me at

    13. pistons
      I was taking it down but the other is right
    14. tm3308
      Hey Jon, just forgot to mention on my call that I do agree that what we do is very effective in the macro view, and I love that it works far more often than not. I just want to maybe see a few tweaks against IU and NW. As a general rule, what we do works. But every rule has its exceptions, and the past 5 years have shown us that the ball-control spread is the exception.
    15. ISUhawk
      lol as I posted that the time changed...
    16. ISUhawk
      Hey...the time is an hour off still. Daylights savings was last night, fall back!!
    17. Hawks1010

      I am working with Real Rivals a new and improved wrestling website for Iowa High School Wrestling on a project called 'Schedules' to help promote attendance at wrestling meets around the state of Iowa. I was woundering if I could post a link to the site from the wrestling page on this site. I dont wont to step on any toes with site rules. Thanks for any information back.

      Kirk Crittenden
      Life long Hawkeye
    18. Husky28
      When I was posting a message (it had an attached quote from another poster), I was told it will be reviewed by a moderator prior to posting. Is that standard now or what's up with that? Thanks! :)
    19. IPS101
      Jon-not sure if you want to publish this but found a subscription on youtube that seems to have all the KF pressers and weekly player interviews. Let me know if you would rather keep this quiet. Do not want to step on what you are doing with this site. Keep up the great work. IPS101

      YouTube - Sourcemgnews's Channel
    20. tm3308
      Hey Jon,

      After I called in tonight, you asked Jim if he remembered a former Hawkeye named Tork Hook. Not that it's important or anything, just thought I would mention that Tork is a family friend (our dads worked in the same office for years), and I am (obviously) named after him.
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