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    Check Out This Idiot

    That is not Tracy Claeys btw
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    Trivia: Best Iowa QB in NFL

    Larry Lawrence?
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    2nd place West - Correct?

    Tie-breakers are used to determine who goes to Indy, not final standings. Final standings will have Iowa in a 4-way tie for first, or 2-way tie for second.
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    Attorney: visitors' pink locker room could leave UI open to lawsuits

    I never liked the pink locker room idea. I think it's an embarrassment to the U of I. Change it now before it becomes an even bigger issue.
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    ESPNs Rittenberg and Bennett proposals for B1G alignment

    Michigan and OSU in the same division not going to happen. It's all about conference bragging rights now, and the money that comes from that. The biggest brag is the nat'l championship. The best chance for the Big Ten is with Mich and OSU. Need to maximize that chance by maximizing the...
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    When was your first Hawkeye football game?

    1960 vs Wisconsin. Hawkeyes ranked #1 after the win. Have only been to 5 games. Most recent was 2010 vs Wisconsin. I brought my 50 yr old 1960 program with me for luck. Didn't work, but crowd noise was impressive right before that sickening fake punt. Needless to say, the 1960 game was more fun...
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    More to Woodbury than just height

    One of my favorites, Kevin Kunnert, 7 footer from Dubuque comes to mind. Number 24 on Hawkeye scorer list (tied with Bobby Hansen), averaged 15.9 pts and 12.7 rbs '71-'73 soph to senior, 12th overall pick NBA. Would be nice if Woodbury could get anywhere near those numbers.
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    Sokol/Thoughts from the Big House

    I agree completely. Staff must realize they missed big on Rudock, there would be no purpose in playing him, and they don't want to lose a year for Sokol.
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    Greatest pair of siblings in sports history?

    Dizzy and Daffy Dean, pitchers for St. Louis Cardinals, each won two games in the 1934 World Series.
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    How far north will I get 1040?

    In Minneapolis SW suburbs, WMT AM 600 from Cedar Rapids is better in daytime than WHO 1040. WHO is better at night.
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    What Should Happen to Penn State?

    The vast majority of threads often include some form of reference to other responses, but go ahead and call me out. I did answer the question by the way.
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    What Should Happen to Penn State?

    Why are so many people hell-bent on destroying PSU? How would you feel if some slimeballs did this at UofI? We love Uof I, and would about die if our beloved institution were being dragged through the mud like this. Let the state of Pennsylvania go after the people who committed the crimes...
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    Sweetest Iowa Autograph You Have?

    Got Glen Vidnovic in Decorah movie theater lobby in 1970 or so. I lost it though. You gotta believe me.
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    How/why did you become a Hawkeye fan?

    Grew up in north Iowa. I was just a kid when my dad went outside and cranked the TV aerial to pick up the Rochester, MN station so we could watch the '57 Rose Bowl. I was hooked for life.