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    1. VintageHawkeye
      The exact quote for duff is: "Wow, I took off 3 hrs early from my 15 buck an hour job because I felt like it, and I haven't had to work a weekend in 2 years. How exactly am I prole again?"
      I think leaving out the 'and I haven't had to work a weekend in 2 years' bit is disrespectful; I suggest you edit your sig.
      PS I think he's maybe an EMS Tech. Or a car-stereo installer @ Worst Buy.
    2. SDK46
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    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the University of Iowa, and to the tradition for which it stands, one program, under God, indivisible, with winning and competitiveness sometimes.

    "I am growing tired of you..."
    - Jon D. Miller, 11.30.2010

    "I am not a fan of ... [OK4P]"
    - Jon D. Miller, 2.13.2008