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    Purdue is not a good football team

    Other than a team like Iowa needs a non-con schedule. Never more evident than Saturday.
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    Another in a long line of mediocre QB

    Iowa needs a non-conference schedule to warm up going into the conference season. What we saw is the result of not having played a couple gimmes to iron things out.
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    Greatest Day In Nebraska Football History is Today

    For a minute I thought it might've been the day Bob Devaney dried out 50 years ago.
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    So, Trump caught a hoax somehow?

    So the Southern Strategy and the courting of the Dixiecrats pushed the party to the center? What is far left? Even Bernie's ideas are for the most part those of an Eisenhower Republican. The GOP of today is not anything I recognize, even after having supported Nixon and Reagan.
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    Looked to me like the Clone D was gonna let TTU back into the game for a while in the 4th. Don't know if they went prevent a little early?
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    So, Trump caught a hoax somehow?

    And around healthcare they're insufferable. People might think physicians have a god-complex. No, that's the MBA's.
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    So, Trump caught a hoax somehow?

    I'm just waiting for Trump to end up on a vent. His misplaced bravado has him on the same track as Herman Cain.
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    RIP Eddie Van Halen

    In the entertainment industry? No idea. But anyone in DC with covid right now is in my dead pool.
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    RIP Eddie Van Halen

    Valerie was a big celebrity crush of mine. I was really bummed when Eddie married her.
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    Alrighty then, whats an exceptable W/L record

    If the entire season is played I'd say top of 6-2 and low of 4-4, with 5-3 being most likely.
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    Thanks Rob.
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    Amani Hooker

    If someone had to beat the Vikings I'm glad it was him. GG Amani. Vikes are gonna suck this year.
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    Does not having fans put us further behind $EC

    It seems the TV $$$ is what really keeps the coffers filled. As an aside I was really impressed watching the Notre Dame game and seeing the vast majority of students masked up.
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    Howe: Time Was Exactly What the Big Ten Needed for Fall Football

    I'm sure the league heard it big time from the moneyed donors at various schools. But if there's going to be a season, at least the B1G has some of the best medical schools around to monitor things. Dr. Osterholm in Minneapolis is one of the best in the business.
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    RIP Lute Olson

    Bob Hogue made the broadcast. Mac and some nondescript announcer from Des Moines took over from that, and they were a joke. Edit: Larry Morgan, yeah nondescript