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    Jon wouldnt mind hearing your initial reaction on this one

    Indiana was a scare for you going in. Your Podcasts are always appreciated. Especially when we win haha
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    Just read the transcript. We used to bash

    Alford all the time for rehashing his career resume every press conference. My God, Ferentz is much worse I am so tired of hearing about our glory seasons of the last 16 years. I swear he brings up Dallas Clark every time. Lol. For him to spend the first 5 minutes of this presser giving us a...
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    stop being delusional. Do what every other football follower in America knows? Blow this thing up and start over! I for one am tired of being a National embarrassment!
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    Jon Podcast - Beathard

    Lol. Steve is clueless in this Podcast. I hope he's just trying to be the Devils Advocate. If Ferentz was to posturize Beathard (who is a very popular teammate) in front of the team and demotes him to 3rd team cause of his interview? IMO, He would lose the team and the fans instantly and...
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    Golden Oportunity

    A Coach making the 5th highest salary in college football need not mess this one up! These two choices OC and DC will change the landscape of our team for the next ten years.
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    I know a new thread about the offense?

    The problem with our offense is not scheme or coaching. The reason we have been at the middle of the pact for years is about talent and depth. This offensive philosophy needs a stud running back to be effective. Coincidentally The Ferentz era has been plagued by injuries at the RB position...
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    There is none better.