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  1. HuckFinn

    Badger Football Season Ticket Options from Barry

    Sorry I don’t know how to forward his document. He presents some good options. Rob, please check it out on their website. Thanks. Huck Finn.
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    OSU beats The fainting Illini and next, Iowa beats them and ends up with the double bye! GO Hawks!!
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    During Cocktail Hour...

    I was contemplating what our home basketball record would be if those damn old blue hairs would put down their knitting, stand up, and cheer. And, quit yelling at the fans who stand up!
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    Wisconsin down 20 to MN on the road after beating MSU by a bunch. CBI for the Badgers! Just ask the internet geniuses who are bashing Iowa as a team, individual players, and, of course, the coach. But, hey. We should forgive them. It’s been a long dry spell for them since Iowa has been...
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    Iowa vs USC Replay?

    DVR screw up. Would love to see replay in full but would settle for FB in 60 on BTN. Help?
  6. HuckFinn

    FS1 Pre-Game

    12 minutes on USC. Stuff about individual players. 10 minutes on final four. 5 minutes on Iowa, with more stuff on U SC. Fuck you, Fox. Iowa D has not seen an offense like this. Repeated several times. No once...USC has not seen a D Like this. Not too subtle downplay of BT football. PAC...
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    Ranking Update

    Just thought I would mention the rankings in the Football Playoff Poll, which is the only one that matters. Iowa is at #17. The Hawks have 3 losses, to teams ranked 8, 12, 13. And, a win against 10th ranked Minnesota. One of the two teams mentioned,WI and MN, will be playing for the BT...
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    Just checked out market prices for the showdown in Ames. Lowest price I saw was $222. Highest was $875.Glad I got my two from Iowa for about $100 each.
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    Ha Ha Ha

    I was going to join some of the other threads, but I am still laughing my ass off after watching Nebraska get their lunch in Colorado. Along with Iowa’s stellar game against Rutgers, some cold beer, dinner Friday night in the Amana’s, and a big pork tenderloin after the game on Saturday, I will...
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    Iowa's Tough 2019 Football Schedule

    For heaven's sake, read Chad L.'s Hawk Central article about Iowa's 2019 football schedule. What an interesting analysis! And to be clear, NO diss on Hawkeye Nation information. I am a big fan...but, read this one and comment if you wish.
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    You put an unauthorized charge to my credit card. I don't really want to saddle you with a fraud alert, but I want this fixed, now. Thank you.
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    TC Question

    OK. I am lost. Was there ever a thread triggered by the announcement that TC was leaving Iowa? I looked around but had no luck. Help?
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    Outside Zone Run Plays

    I read an article today written about the plans in Green Bay to make the run game more effective. I found it very interesting. Here is a list of the points that were made about why they are going to a zone blocking scheme with heavy emphasis on the outside zone: The zone blocking scheme was...
  14. HuckFinn

    Random Thoughts

    If OSU holds on the BT will be 5-4 in bowl games. However, the BT East will be 1-3, while the West will be 4-1. Yup. The Fainting Irish, the most over rated team in the country year in and year out, limps into the playoffs and gets smothered—again. Oklahoma, who is consistently a failure on...
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    Want a sure thing?

    Savannah St vs South Dakota...SD scores 90 points in the first half and wins the game 139-72. Sounds like a Big 12 football score.
  16. HuckFinn

    Iowa 2019 Schedule

    I was looking at the schedule for next fall and noticed that there are two open/bye dates listed. One is 9/21 and the other is 11/2. We still have 12 games scheduled, so this seemed different from other years with only 1 bye. Am I missing something?
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    Ross P. At Alabama

    GPA 3.67. Masters Degree in Marketing. Announcer says “He anchors the offensive line.” Damn. Should have been a Hawkeye.
  18. HuckFinn

    Lyon County, Iowa HS Football

    OK. I got blasted some time ago for calling NW Iowa a hotbed of High School Football. I even admitted my bias ahead of time. Now, I have some great stats for you: 50 Top High School Football Coaches in Iowa (Hawk Central) Central Lyon: (alma mater) Dick Null; 212-83-3 and 2 state...
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    Chad L., who I really enjoy reading, has an interesting article on Brian F. and play calling. Give it a read.
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    Credit Card Charged

    I saw that Hawkeyenation had charged my credit card for the Premium membership. However, when I attempt to access that forum, it tells me I am not allowed. Would you check on this ASAP? Thanks!