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  1. DP5555

    New Aaron White Interview - Hilton's court was shaking

    Check out this Aaron White interview... he said the floor was shaking while Gesell was shooting those final free throws against Iowa State in 2013. Makes ya realize how tough that had to of been. White was one of my favorite Hawks. Glad to hear he's doing well, and bought a house back in Iowa.
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    Site reloading

    The mobile version of this site really sucks lately. I have an iPhone 7. Seems to happen when I am typing a post and then it loses everything. It's a tad annoying.
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    Andrew Fleming Makes Sportscenter Top 10

    This is pretty good... he always was pretty animated on the bench.
  4. DP5555

    Bohannon crow anyone?

    I''m grilling some Bohannon crow this evening. Anyone want to be the guest of honor?
  5. DP5555

    New Marriage/baby Hawkeye advice

    Okay so let me start out by warning you. This is a pretty stupid argument that my wife and I get into, but I need some advice from fellow Hawk fans. I need other people's perspective on my situation. First, my wife and I have been married for about 2 years and we have a 10 month old son. My...
  6. DP5555

    Hypothetical College Football Shakeup

    This time of year sucks and I'm super bored at work today. All of this expansion and realignment talk has got me thinking crazy things. I've always thought the way the English football (soccer) system includes promotions and relegation in a hierarchical format in their league play is awesome...
  7. DP5555

    Oliver Martin

    I have to admit I'm getting a little frustrated that the Hawks haven't offered this kid yet. He's blowing up at camps with a lot of talent that he's competing with. I keep reading great things about him all over social media. He's right in Iowa's own backyard and he plays a position of need for...
  8. DP5555

    HN Baseball Coverage?

    This site is called Hawkeye Nation yet there hasn't been any coverage of Iowa's run in the B10 tourney since the Minnesota game. They had a ridiculous ninth inning come back to beat Ohio State and not a single article was written! They are gonna be playing in the B10 Championship game. Give...
  9. DP5555

    Question regarding NCAA Violations

    As an avid Hawkeye fan I'm proud of the fact Ferentz runs his program the way that he does. Now I realize that sometimes things happen that you would never expect to happen, but I'm pretty confident in saying that Iowa's football program does everything the right way. I'd be shocked if anything...
  10. DP5555

    Does the lack of fans @ Carver annoy Fran?

    Look, I'm as big of a Hawk fan as there is, and this topic isn't something I enjoy bringing up. The reason I bring it up is because I want other Hawk fans opinions on the subject. I'm pretty embarrassed by the lack of fans at Carver. Fran has built this program brick by brick. They're competing...
  11. DP5555

    Jameis Winston Accuser Speaks

    If you haven't watched this video please do. This makes me sick to my stomach that this kind of behavior is not only tolerated, but defended by the authorities in Tallahassee. Everyone should be fired and Winston should be in jail. This is disgusting...
  12. DP5555

    Rudock/Beathard Kudos to Iowa's Recruiting?

    I was just thinking last night after watching a College Football analysis on ESPN... Everyone knows the story about Rudock going to Michigan and CJ taking over at Iowa. However, we haven't really discussed what they are doing. Both QB's are having pretty special seasons. Rudock has led...
  13. DP5555

    2016 Iowa Commit: Toren Young

    Posted this in football as well but I found a recent blog post similar to the one about Amani Hooker and thought I would share it with you guys. Between Amani and Toren I am beyond excited for what the future holds with out Hawkeyes. Both guys look to be studs!
  14. DP5555

    Iowa 2016 Commit: Toren Young

    Fitting for today with Jon Millers article about all the records this kid is breaking. I was stocked for the years to come after watching the Amani Hooker video but dang this guy has me even more excited. Will be interesting to see if he get's redshirted with our depth at RB.
  15. DP5555

    2016 Iowa Commit: Amani Hooker

    Posted the same thread in the football forum but thought I'd throw it in here also for a few others to read. Short Q+A with Strong Safety Amani Hooker who has already committed to Iowa. Who doesn't love Mac N Cheese? Check it out here...
  16. DP5555

    Iowa 2016 Commit: Amani Hooker Interview

    Not the longest interview in the world but kind of cool to see these guys are just ordinary kids like everyone else. Sounds like he's been putting up huge numbers the last couple weeks, can't wait to see how Phil molds this one...
  17. DP5555

    The Curious Case of Michigan

    Michigan is getting a lot of attention in the college football world right now, and I feel like Hawk fans have a unique perspective on the situation because Jake Rudock was their signal caller for a couple years. Here's my take... You can definitely tell Jim Harbaugh didn't waste any...
  18. DP5555

    Does Rudock's Intelligence/Personality Inhibit his play?

    This is just something I was thinking over while watching him play for Michigan last night. It's not really an angle I ever looked at while he was the QB at Iowa, but in hindsight I believe there might be something to it. I apologize in advance if this gets kinda long. I'm just rambling my...
  19. DP5555

    Forgot How Bad Christensen Was

    Title says it all. BTN is running a replay of Iowa's win against Michigan State in 2007. Holy **** Christensen was awful. He has like 2 total completions going into the 4th quarter! He had multiple overthrows, missed screen passes, and he clearly tries way too hard to throw a bullet pass every...
  20. DP5555

    Seth Wallace's "New" Recruiting Tactics

    Figured this article deserved it's own thread: I understand some of these things aren't necessarily "new" tactics, but I think it's awesome that Wallace has come in and really provided some much needed energy to...