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    VIDEO: 1983 #16 Iowa at Iowa State Highlights

    From The Hawkeye Historian on YouTube:
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    1981 #6 UCLA at Iowa and 1985 #3 Iowa at Iowa State Highlight Videos

    Two new videos from the Hawkeye Historian on YouTube: 1985 #3 Iowa at Iowa State 1981 #6 UCLA at Iowa
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    1984 Freedom Bowl Highlights (Iowa vs Texas)

    YouTube - ‪1984 Freedom Bowl - Iowa vs. #19 Texas Highlights‬‏
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    VIDEOS: 2005 Iowa at #19 Wisconsin and 1984 Illinois at Iowa Highlights

    YouTube - 2005 Iowa at #19 Wisconsin Highlights YouTube - 1984 Illinois at Iowa Highlights
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    VIDEO: 1982 Peach Bowl Highlights (Iowa vs Tennessee)

    YouTube - 1982 Peach Bowl - Iowa vs. Tennessee Highlights
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    VIDEO: 2003 Iowa vs Wisconsin Highlights

    YouTube - 2003 #18 Iowa at Wisconsin Highlights
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    VIDEO: Highlights of 1942 #2 Wisconsin vs Iowa.

    YouTube - 1942 #2 Wisconsin at Iowa Highlights
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    VIDEO: 1977 #19 Iowa State at Iowa Highlights (Rivalry Renewed)

    YouTube - 1977 #19 Iowa State at Iowa Highlights
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    VIDEO: 1981 Iowa at Michigan Highlights

    From an old VHS, so the quality is not the best: YouTube - 1981 #12 Iowa at #5 Michigan Highlights
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    2000 #18 Northwestern at Iowa Highlights

    YouTube - 2000 #18 Northwestern at Iowa Highlights
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    2004 Iowa vs Ohio State highlight video

    YouTube - 2004 #23 Ohio State at Iowa Highlights Great game.
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    VIDEO: Tour of new Carver practice facility

    YouTube - Tour of the Carver-Hawkeye Practice Facility 3-5-2011
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    VIDEO: End of the Purdue and Iowa game

    Part of this is from the TV broadcast, the other part is footage I shot right before I stormed the court. Go Hawks! YouTube - Iowa Students Storm the Court As The Hawks Beat #6 Purdue
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    ESPNU's "The Experts" break down Iowa and the Big Ten race

    YouTube - Alex Solsma on ESPNU's "The Experts" 11/02/2010
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    VIDEO: Iowa Basketball Adjusting Well To New Coaches

    YouTube - Iowa Basketball Team Adjusting Well To New Coaching Staff Features some footage from practice yesterday.
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    Has anyone else been watching Iowa Football with KF?

    I love watching "Iowa Football with Kirk Ferentz" where Ferentz and Dolphin go through the highlights and break down the games. This season though, they have had great segments like the new one where they "mic up" coaches during practice. It is fun to get a look at a lot of the assistant coaches...
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    VIDEO: Highlights and Postgame reaction from Michigan vs Iowa game.

    YouTube - #15 Iowa at Michigan 10/16/2010 Highlights and Postgame Reaction Highlights and postgame reaction from Iowa's win at Michigan. Also got some video of the team celebrating after the game.
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    VIDEO: McCaffery, Speraw, and players talk about up tempo basketball

    YouTube - Iowa Basketball Ready For Up Tempo Play From media day yesterday.
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    VIDEO: Ferentz on his contract extension and on why he likes life at the UI

    YouTube - Kirk Ferentz Talks About His Contract Extension
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    VIDEO: Koeppel talks about moped accident

    Video I did on Koeppel. He was at the presser yesterday. Center Of Attention|