10-game conference only 2020 schedule idea

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    No inside info. Just speculation Schedule idea stolen from another thread for 10-game conference only schedule

    2020 Iowa Football Schedule Idea
    2020 Iowa Preview

    Originally Missing: Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Rutgers.

    Adding Indiana

    Sept. 5 at Minnesota

    Sept. 12 Indiana

    Sept. 18 OPEN DATE

    Sept. 26 Nebraska

    Oct. 3 Michigan State

    Oct. 10 at Ohio State

    Oct. 17 at Penn State

    Oct. 24 Northwestern

    Oct. 31 OPEN DATE

    Nov. 7 at Illinois

    Nov. 14 OPEN DATE

    Nov. 21 at Purdue

    Nov. 28 Wisconsin

    The goal was to stick to the original schedule as much as possible. In reality the schedule might end up very different, with division opponents more front loaded. We will find out soon enough.
  2. RobHowe

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    I think we’ll find out next week.

    Have heard original schedules will change quite a bit but I’m not sure of that. That could get Iowa out of the back to back OSU and PSU both coming off byes.

    I thunk it would be more fair for Iowa to add either Rutgers or Maryland. Schedule already is toughest in West.
  3. Motigerhawk

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    May as well play everybody in a 13 game schedule. 6 home and 6 away and 1 neutral site.

    Iowa vs Rutgers in Yankee stadium or Iowa vs Illinois at Soldier field, something like that. It may be hard to find a pro stadium is empty for a week, I imagine they would love to host a college game. Economic boost for the city and the pro stadium and team.
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    In a normal year, the pro stadiums would love to host a college game, I am sure. This year, with potentially no fans or limited capacity, it may not be worth it. Throw in travel needed for both teams. Probably won't work this year.

    But I would love trying your idea in a year after the pandemic is over.
  5. Northside Hawk

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    Soldier Field gets beat up enough as it is.

    But the reason it gets beat up is because it’s owned by the city of Chicago, not the Bears or the Halas/McCaskeys.

    Adding more football games wouldn’t help the condition of the field but the Bears don’t have much say in the matter.

    Yankee Stadium is flat out not designed for football as Iowa found out a few years ago. Even in good weather the sight lines are terrible for football.

    Lambeau, Arrowhead, Ford Field, and the Indianapolis rCA Dome are all better options for neutral sight games in B1G country.
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  6. RobHowe

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    Saw a story the other day where Lambeau wants to host B1G title game.
  7. Motigerhawk

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    That would be awfully cold. Would the B1G do that?
  8. RobHowe

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    I was thinking the same thing - cold.

    Here’s the story LINK
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    @RobHowe do you believe that it is likely the Big Ten will front-load divisional matchups in case the season is cut short? Let me know if you’d like me to include this in the mailbag thread next week if it hasn’t already been addressed and the new schedules aren’t out first.
  10. guffus

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    I can just see the year they try it in Green Bay is the year Purdue and OSU end up playing in the game.

    Instead of having a central indoor location that both teams could easily drive to, they end having a long drive to a cold place.
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  11. RobHowe

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    That’s been speculated as a possibility and makes sense.

    I think the B1G also is trying to build in more bye weeks for makeup games in case teams end up not being able to play a contest because of Covid.
  12. Northside Hawk

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    Just took a closer look at this proposed schedule.

    We would have only one home game between October 3 and November 28. That’s a lot of prime football weeks with no action at Kinnick.

    In light of things I suppose it’s better than no football at all. There is not going to be an easy way to do any of this.
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    When you have inside stadiums the first week in December to hold the premier game for your conference it would be stupid to risk crappy weather in Green Bay or Chicago.
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    I am going to take this season one game at a time as it could end after a few games. I am not going to worry about the schedule and who is playing who and a big drought of games for weeks at Kinnick. If the hawks are still playing at that time then great and I will watch them on tv.

    I am way more worried about my four grandkids maybe having to go back to school and kids going back to k-12 and college when more and more class work can be done via the web.

    I do know that games at Illinois, jNW, and Indiana usually have socially distancing crowds sometimes without the current covid situation so this could be a good time to go on road trips.

    We all know that the visitor fans fill just about half of jNW's stadium and IU has many empty seats.
  15. Xerxes

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    Maybe the B1G could let Green Bay host the game if there is a spring season and Lucas Oil is unavailable? Outside of that this a bad idea.
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    Garbage slate the first two weeks. They were merciful in moving Iowa-OSU to week 12 because even if this farce is started, there is no way the wheels will still be on the bus by then.
  19. Xerxes

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    Assuming this schedule holds until the spring, Minnesota who already had the easiest crossover games adds a home game vs Indiana. Wisconsin who already has the 2nd easiest crossovers and they add a home game vs Rutgers.
  20. Ree4

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    Good, if we win the division we will have earned it!