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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by RobHowe, Feb 7, 2017.

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    There was a Waggoner who played OL for Iowa in the late 80s. This person was from nw ia. Related?
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    I disagree with that if they don't want their kids taking other visits they shouldn't be trying to poach kids committed to other schools...it is what it is...
  3. RobHowe

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    The Hawkeyes would get killed in recruiting with that approach. Iowa can't stop other schools from recruiting its players. Therefore, Iowa needs to reach out to kids committed to other schools. That's the landscape.
  4. Hawk4Fan

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    Then don't go pulling Ships if they do visit another school, have faith you did your job in having them in the fold even if they do visit somewhere else.
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  5. Adam

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    Nice point of view. I believe your words ring with logic and merit. I personally would play to Iowa's rep. We are great talent evaluators. We could start offering high school sophomores. The kids who will be top 20 recruits are sometimes astonishingly easy to identify. Offer them early, tell them committing to Iowa early will guarantee your spot and you will still get looks from every other national powerhouse. If your not feeling Iowa later just be straight up with us so we can fill your spot. Then show them constant love. Law of averages suggests if you can convince 5 to 10 hot shot sophomores a year to jump on board you should retain at least 1 or 2. I would lose my mind if Iowa could haul in 1 or 2 5* kids a year. Either way I don't see how it changes much of what we do now. It would just be extra time. We're getting a 10th coach. Hire another recruiting specialist. I think we can still develop and coach the players with the 9 we have been doing it with for X amount of years.
  6. RobHowe

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    That's great in theory not in reality.
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    Iowa doesn't pull a ship if a kid visits another school. Drew Ott, Noah Fant, Higdon, Holmes, Eno, they all visited other schools and didn't get the ship pulled. Heck Eno said that KF told him to take more visits, just communicate with him if he was. Holmes visited OU and didn't get his ship pulled. Ott, Fant both took visits and signed with Iowa. Higdon took a visit to Michigan and didn't have his ship pulled, he signed with them though.

    Also you don't even consider the flip side to all of this. If you stress to the kids that they need to be sure before they commit, you can save yourself a lot of headaches come Jan. Take Iowa for instance, they had the OC retire and they dumped 2 coaches. Didn't lose a kid who was committed. None of them wavered, none of them went looking to take visits. Mansell had Tennessee knocking on his door, and he said "no thanks". Brandon Smith had several SEC schools and a B1G west school knocking on his door, and he said "no thanks". Kelly Martin had offers from Arizona, Ill, and Wisconsin, if he wanted to look around he would have had a lot of suitors. Instead Iowa didn't have a problem with any of the kids who's position coach left.

    Not only that but look at last year. Lattimore had MSU all over him to visit in Jan, and he said "no thanks". Stanley had Wisconsin all over him to visit in Jan, and he said "no thanks".

    The whole Iowa is a hypocrite thing is just silly. They ask their players not to take visits, but sometimes they do. Iowa doesn't have a set policy that any kid who visit gets his ship taken away, KF said it was case by case, and each situation is different.
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  8. deanvogs

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    When looking at the policy it makes sense. You are dealing with HS kids, and you really have to set expectations with kids, especially when you are dealing with so many different types of people from so many different types of backgrounds. You just be up front and let them know this isn't a place where we let you take a "place setting" while you shop for other offers/options. If you say you are coming, Iowa will hold your spot (even if you get injured) and we stop recruiting other kids for your spot, so they just ask that you are sure you want to come to Iowa is all. Plus this helps when other schools do come calling. Take what Bell said to Brandon Smith. He told him flat out that other schools are gonna come after you now, and they did. So Brandon wasn't surprised or in awe, he was solid with Iowa and told the other schools as much as well.

    Part of the strategy is to help Iowa hold onto a kid when other schools come calling as well. I mean that is the point of recruiting right, to hold onto the kids you want. WTF then would Iowa WANT or even easily let a committed kid visit another school? I don't get why fans got their panties in such a bunch about this, it is a dog eat dog world in recruiting, and if you want to keep your kids, you do everything you can. It makes NO SENSE at all for fans to want their verbal commits to visit somewhere else.......
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  9. PCHawk

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    That's the thing. No matter what you do, you are going to lose some commits. No point in pretending the other way works 100% of the time.
  10. Aaronhawkeye45

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    There is absolutely no hypocrisy at all, unless the school that we are poaching from has the same no visit policy.
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    OMG WHO GIVES A S*** ABOUT A FREAKING VISIT POLICY. Move this outdated, stupid a** eno debate to those other ridiculous threads. This thread is about what players we have a chance at not a p*ssing match about who can walk on who's campus when.
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    Recent Tom Lemming view on where the best prospects reside around BIG country for the upcoming 2018 class (courtesy of Sirius XM Radio)............

    * Down year for IA, MN, and WI. Best players in IA out of a small class will be on the defensive side. One of the worst years for OL in WI which usually has many.

    * Better than average year in IL, MI, and IN. Likes the OL prospects in IL and DL prospects in MI mentioning Detroit area in particular.

    * Very good classes in OH and PA. Several noted QB's in OH as well as skill positions in both.
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    Did he mention MO? I know Iowa does a lot of recruiting there despite no B1G team residing in the state. I thought I heard/read there is a lot of talent there this year.
  14. Mademyaccount4u

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    Oh god, I forgot isn't Clark and Waggoner both nationally top 150 and 100 respectively?
  15. RobHowe

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    Missouri is loaded, particularly the STL area.
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    Some tech guy/gal should dream up a procedure whereby any time someone on this board attacks Iowa recruiting rules, there is an app that generates the two posts above by Dean. Clear explanations, logical, based on facts; then we would not have to continue to re-debate this issue every couple of weeks. Just sayin'.
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    Waggoner has since been offered by UCLA and Oregon in the last week.
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    We re-debate everything in this country, even when the evidence is clear. Sports, politics, we re-debate because most people can't admit they're wrong.
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    I don't even have time to begin to tell you how many times in my life I have been wrong. The list of times that I have admitted to my mistakes would be considerably shorter.
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