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  1. Zamboni08

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    We're a little more than 2 weeks out from the first games! I wanted to get this rolling earlier than previous years to try and bump up participation even more.

    If it's your first time playing, or you need a refresher, here are the basic rules:

    -Pick a team you think will win each week. Week 1 will be longer than usual: Sat. Aug 24th through Monday Sept. 2nd.

    -You can only pick a team that is currently undefeated.

    -You can only pick an FBS team that is playing an FBS team. (don't bank on other players calling you out to help. Google it if you're not sure about a team)

    -You can only pick a team once per season!

    -If the team you pick wins, you survive to the next week. If necessary, we will pick up-to and including "Bowl Week" to determine a winner

    -Picks must be made before the kickoff of the game you pick (based ONLY on time stamp of your post, or will be a DQ). They must be made public on this board, NOT a message to me.

    The schedule: https://www.ncaa.com/scoreboard/football/fbs

    THE SHEET: https://goo.gl/H9e3s7

    The prize: bragging rights.

    Go Hawks!
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  2. hawkdrummer1

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    Bring it, Butters!
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  3. Robowe

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  4. tksirius

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    Will there be prizes this year?
  5. Zamboni08

    Zamboni08 Well-Known Member

    Week 1: Iowa
  6. okeefe4prez

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  7. BrianFerentzForPresident

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    Week 1: Indiana over Ball State
  8. FCAS

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    The following is a good site for seeing each team's schedule

  9. Fryowa

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    Michigan State over Tulsa.
  10. pythagoras

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    Week 1: Missouri
  11. okeefe4prez

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    Bold move. This year's week 1 has the makings of one of those turd in the punch bowl early weeks for the Big Ten. Indiana should crush Ball State, but that one is too close for me to take it.
  12. okeefe4prez

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    Good call. That was my number 2 choice behind A&M over Texas State. I guess there is an argument that if A&M somehow miraculously beats Clemson in week 2 or 3 you might to want have them in the bag for later in the year.
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  13. FCAS

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    WK1: Rutgers
  14. Fryowa

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    @mopkins would like a word...
  15. mopkins

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    what in the actual f**k?!?!?! Someone stole the one thing that makes me, me.
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    Mop...you still own it.
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  17. hawkdrummer1

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    Week 1: Texas A&M
  18. mopkins

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    to be fair I think his avatar is a custom south park one of himself. So I'll let it slide.

    Every year I take part in the suicide pool but then quickly lose interest. I probably should just not participate this year but that's no fun...

    Week 1: Nebraska

    I'm not sure they win at Colorado week 2, they lost at home to them last year and its a quasi-border-big-8 rivalry game. Although it would be nice to save Nebraska for week 4 at illinois before they play Ohio State, I'm just going to burn them now....because F*** nebraska...and if Nebby loses week 1 and knocks me out of this pool, it will have been worth it
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  19. BrianFerentzForPresident

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    Figured they’re getting creamed by Ohio State Week 3, so use them while we can.
  20. Zamboni08

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    You're correct. Kinda dumb honestly, hah. Should change it...

    Hopefully Nebraska plays week 1 this year and we don't have a snafu again.