2019 Tyreke Locure

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    Bit surprised, but if his commitment holds, at least TL won't be terrorizing the Hawks or other Big Ten teams if he would have landed @ Minnesota or like team in Big10.
  2. IowaGold

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    AND, we won't end up with "Plan D" fallback recruit for sure now(TL)!
  3. Hawknigh

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    Seems like he could have had "better" offers, but if this one fits for him, great. Too many recruits "shoot for the moon" and then it doesn't work out. Hope he is a star for them.
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    No, we will end up with a plan f point guard, you know the shooting guard who thinks he's quick enough to play the point. We're good at recruiting those guys.
  5. tksirius

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    Appears that they haven't been in the NCAA tourney since 2008. I kind of wonder what their practice facilities are like. I know they just got a new coach. All that said, it ain't over till signing day...
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    Yeah I think he's just got his bird in the hand now.. Signing day is quite a ways off yet. July is a pretty big month for the evaluation of all these kids. He may or may not end up there. The merry go round hasn't stopped spinning yet not by a long shot
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  7. homes

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    Why the sparse number of offers to him? Everything I've seen about him looks like he can play against the competition out there, but he had no offers from major programs, as best I could find. Too small?
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  9. Hawkfnntn

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    Whether he ends up there or not he'll have DSM and central Iowa following him. He had a heck of a year last yr and there's no reason to think he won't have a monster senior year. Sounds like Drake REALLY dropped the ball in regards to him. I have no clue who that other PG recruit they offered is but good luck with him being as good as Locure he's got a heck of a game and swag to go with it. Under the right coaching and system he could have a heck of a college career too.
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    I would say so. It's not like Drake has the luxury of being picky with their recruits.

    It'll be interesting to see if any major programs come along with an offer and get him to back out of his commitment.
  11. Hawkfnntn

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    No kidding. Having the chance to land him for them could have been huge. But maybe his interest wasn't mutual and he wanted to get out of DSM. There could have been a little of that too. He's clearly not against going down there closer to where he was born anyway.

    I agree July is a huge evaluation month coming up and others might jump in that hadn't yet. I can't say with 100% certainty that Iowa is out of the picture for him either. If Carton doesn't choose Iowa and Terry has since made his choice to Stanford I think it's a bit of a crapshoot what direction Iowa may go. But they clearly have their eggs in Cartons basket and it's no guarantee he'll come as of today
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  12. Hawknigh

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    It will be interesting to see if he takes any more official visits.
  13. tksirius

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    That coach gets it.
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    Matt Bain wrote an article about how S Alabama was the only school that made it clear to Locure that he was their number one Target for the 2019 class. They have a new coach this year, just hired in March and he told Locure that he was HIS guy, that he could start from day 1, have the keys to his offense and he was his number 1 priority.
    Plus Mobile, AL (in addition to being just a 2 hour drive from New Orleans) is a cool town, right on the gulf, great food and great weather.
    I think Tyreke just felt the love, S Alabama is the one and only school that's come after him this hard and he decided not to let the opportunity pass. November signing day is still a ways away and I'd have liked to see him in a Hawkeye uniform but I'm happy for the young man. It sounds like he's happy to go play for a coach and a program that saw him as a top priority instead of a fall back.
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    That could just mean Weiskamp is a better "ball hog" than the other two ;)
  16. hawkeyesgonewild

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    good for him good luck young man
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    Check most of the previous thirty pages of this thread. Some pretty spirited, polarizing debates, myself included.
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    He took the bird in the hand which may or may not be worth two in the bush later on. He knew he wasn't getting a lot of Division One love. Stef in "All The Right Moves" makes a wrong move early in the movie, telling a junior college that he would get back to them later. He expected the love, and offers, to pour in after the Walnut Heights game. They didn't, and his other offer fell through, too. Then he f'd things up with his coach. It took his coach getting a college assistant offer and his own girlfriend selling Nickerson's wife that Stef wasn't a bad kid to rescue him from the steel mills. A ficticious example, I know, but Tyreke knew what some posters have been pointing out-that coaches are filling their 2019 offers fast and he wasn't getting very many granted that we are still several month from anything being official in writing.
  19. Adam

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    It sounds like Locure picked South Alabama for all the right reasons. If he is smart he will stick with his commitment even if some late suitors arise. Tell them to go to hell and play for the man who believed in you from the start. I imagine we could see S Alabama in the tournament in a few years.

    Good luck to you Mr Locure and congratulations.
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    i hope for the best for TL. He's from New Orleans, so close to family. good for him and what he probably needs.