2019 Tyreke Locure

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by tksirius, Mar 9, 2017.

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    Wouldn't y'all want Allen Iverson to go along with Larry Bird?
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    Who are the two Africans? Number 0 and #5?
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    He's had a very good high school career. Good to see he has his teammates support. He should be proud
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    Probably not. Because even though he's going there they won't care as much as he does...
  6. tksirius

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    Don't be surprised if Upper Iowa snags another Mr. Iowa Basketball again.
    He plays in 2A, but Upper Iowa commit Jake Hilmer might just come away with the award... Reminds me of Troy Skinner a lil bit though. o_O

    11.45 assists
    6.18 Ass/TO ratio
    5 steals
    4.2 rebounds

  7. CP87

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    Holy crap! Can that assist # be legit? That is massive for someone also scoring 25 a game (in a 32 min game)!
  8. tksirius

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    A lot of people believe that Horner's assist numbers were fudged. Seems like an easy stat to alter.
  9. Knight78

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    In one of my seasons, I had my point guard average just over 30 points a game, 8 assists per game and 8 rebounds per game and shot over 45% from 3. He pretty much controlled the ball the whole game, had a 2 to 1 assist to turnover ratio and was pretty much the only player I had. None of the other players shot over 40% for the season. Make no mistake that the kid was a player but as a team we were only won 5 games that year - happens when you start two freshmen and two sophs in HS ball.
  10. Robowe

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    Assists are tough. Not everyone tracks it the same. Is an assist only for a pass where the scorer does not dribble, or maybe has one dribble? It can be very subjective. For instance, who gets the assist on this play?

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  11. tksirius

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    BTW, on Wednesday in an 83-53 win over Fort Dodge, Locure passed Jeff Horner for 2nd on 4A's career scoring list. He's now 178 points behind Joe Wieskamp. I imagine he won't pass him, so Locure should finish his career:
    1st in 4A career steals
    2nd in 4A career points
    2nd in 4A career assists
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  12. tksirius

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    Last night, DM North beat the #1 ranked team in Iowa (Waukee) 78-70.

    Locure had 29pts, 7 assists, 5 rebounds, 2 steals

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    Is there internet in south alabama?
  14. SidFarkas

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    *Waukee playing without best player and point guard Noah Hart who tore ACL a few weeks ago..
  15. PCHawk

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    I would take Noah Hart on a bad leg over Locure.
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  16. SidFarkas

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    Hart was a tough defender at the point. Feel for kids that get a season ending injury as a Senior.
  17. tksirius

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    I guess that makes sense why North was leading by so much throughout the game.
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  20. homes

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    Geez, Tyreke couldn't even make that shot. No wonder he wasn't offered by Iowa. Now, for the kid who did, keep your eye on him.