2019 who takes the biggest stride?

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  1. 4thngoal

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    We all have high hopes for position groups, but let's talk individually.
    I still think Brandon S has a ton more capability.
    I'm still big on Jayden McDonald contributing.
    Sounds like Dillon Doyle is going to be extremely sound and a good player.
    Banwart could have a sneaky good season.

    We all have very high hopes for Tristan and AJ.

    Some of that is going to be who lines up on the opposite side and how good they are.

    I think we could see a rb separate themselves this season. I think the competition in the wr room is coming along. I think if Tim should build a extremely good ol with what he has.
    Qb competition needs to be opened up. No matter what the final decision, we are going to need to play someone in prep for 2020.
    We have some talent at DB/safety so that should be competitive and pretty solid.

    Overall Im fairly optimistic.
  2. guffus

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    After being inconsistent so far, I feel like Ojemudia to going to step up to a new level in 2019.

    Also this may be Geno Stone's year to take over as the new leader of the safety's with Hooker and Gervase leaving.

    Amani Jones still shows a lot of potential if he can ever get his head in the game. Rooting for him to step it up.
  3. homes

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    Iowa will need one of its TEs to make a BIG step, Wieting, Beyer or Cook. It will be hard to be so heavily dependent on TEs for offense in one year and then the very next year need to look for production elsewhere because the TE position can't produce. That will be a tough hurdle to overcome.
  4. WinOneThisCentury

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    Daviyon Nixon...for someone else.
  5. uihawk82

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    When has KF really prepped a backup for the next year, the next game, or even for an injury in a game? Not often. Banks got a lot of reps in 2001 and it might have been that KOK was trying to get him into the starter position. But Banks was a little off and on his JR season and I remember on a scramble on third down he ducked out of bounds a yard short of the first down marker I think against Michigan in a close game and it didnt look like KF was real happy. But Banks was co-starter and in 2008 the coaches were trying to see if Stanzi could be the starter which he became.

    Weird that Rudock didnt get a snap in 2012 but he might have been redshirting. KF needs a 4 score lead late in a game to put in his 2nd team qb
  6. BVHawk95

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    Mark Kallenberger, Tyler Linderbaum, and Jeff Jenkins are the next big things on the OL, especially the former two.

    Need a breakout Sr year from Cedric Lattimore. Saw lots of reps early in his career, but seemed to plateau early. Noah Shannon is another intriguing prospect there.

    ISM and B. Smith are obvious, but throw in Tracy, Cooper, and Ragaini. Tracy seems like a playmaker, but Ragaino seems to have that Hinkel/KMM/Vandeberg air to him where he could be a dependable option that catches everything.

    Sleep-Dalton almost has to take the punter job. There's no other reason we would have added him.

    Another FB. Ross is a fine one, but we always seem to do better with 2.
  7. LGEND24

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  8. 4thngoal

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    I agree, the DB/safety positions could be the most competitive. Lb, te and rb should be up there too.
    Probably wr followed by do then.
    Ol, qb and finally the kicking game. Dalton had better be prepared to come in and play. A good kicking game could really help both sides of the ball this year.
    I expect all positions to be open, but some are going to be more for being next man in.
    Which in and of itself is exciting with all the young talent.
  9. NikeHawk21

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    1. Hankins (I think he might make the jump to all B1G level play)

    2. Golston (most of us know he was pretty solid this year and had a knack for the ball. I think he will replace A Nelson’s production)

    3. Tracy (I think he can add more of a big play element to our offense from the slot)

    4. Kallenberger (I think he is too good to keep off the field and they slide him into guard where he excels next year)

    5. Reiff (I think from a sheer talent standpoint he probably was the best of our 4 DTs this year. The suspension set him back. He’s a little bit undersized so hopefully we have some depth to properly utilize him. He can be a disrupter on the inside)

    6. Brents (I think he locks down the second corner spot and has a big year, with Hankins this could be one of our best CB pairs)

    Other potential:
    Tyler Linderbaum
    DJ Johnson
    Shaun Beyer
    Nick Niemann
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  10. Lumberman

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    Tracey and Beyer on offense. Brent’s and Waggoner on Defense.