2020 Edition of Iowa Football

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    I know the race related issues and Covid-19 issues have overshadowed the ability to look forward, but I think this team has a chance to be really, really freaking good. I know the schedule is a bitch, but if they can get by ISU and Minnesota...they will carry some momentum into the OSU and Penn State games. The Minnesota game is just huge.

    I have a peloton bike and when I ride, often I'll just put on an Iowa Football game from previous years. It's amazing how fast 45 minutes goes by. I've watched the USC, Minnesota, and Wisconsin games recently. It was clearly evident against SC that our offensive line had solidified with the break leading up to that game. Putting Kallenberger on the inside was huge and they did a fantastic job protecting Stanley. The breakdowns came from the TE position in protection...Wieting really struggled in this game blocking for some reason.

    The point of why I think this team has a chance to win the West is that the offensive line, if they are healthy, is going to be salty. Jackson and Cronk are two high round NFL tackles...that's rare to have on one team...and Linderbaum could be an all-American. If you can protect the QB, you can win in the B10 on the road. With the weapons on the outside, I like our chances of being a good road team. I personally think the WRs right now are the best we have had at Iowa collectively. They are 6 deep...and all present problems for defenses. Obviously the big question is Petras...he just can't make bad decisions.

    I've been watching Golston and Nixon a lot in the games I've watched. These guys get penetration, even though they didn't have huge sack numbers. They were disruptive. You then add Heflin into the mix and you aren't going to be able to run on these guys. Then it becomes can we get to the QB. I think the answer is yes. Historically speaking, if you can't run the ball against a Phil Parker defense...it doesn't bode well for you. Iowa's front looks like this... Waggoner -275, Heflin -319, Nixon -305, Golston -272. Size and strength up the middle is huge to let your linebackers run.

    As usual, Iowa will likely play close games with Minnesota, Ohio State, Penn State, and Wisconsin. You have to win the two games against Minny and Wisky. I think we can. If we do that...we win the West.
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    It felt like an 9-3/8-4 football team before all the drama and now I am not really sure.
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    Iowa will be very good. Except there won't be football this fall. IMHO
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    We don't know 100 percent who the coach will be.
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    Kirk Ferentz will be the coach...100%. Now, whether his son is the offensive coordinator...that's maybe 85%. You can't change a coach in August prior to a season. It would be unfair to the players, all of them...to remove a coach like that. And then there is also the elephant in the room...Money. What's also lost on people is that even the players that have spoken up...don't want to see the team go 2-12 because you bring in a new staff.

    KF has built up 21 years of goodwill and has proven he can make changes in the program...none like this...but he's adaptable. He's not going anywhere in 2020.
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    Likely you are right but there are wildcards. The law firm has a lot at stake in
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    Good review and keep peddling but I am not even planning much on a season until it happens.
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    Barta likely hired (if he was smart) the law firm Wei, Never, Hurt, & Brand and is paying them a hefty sum. Ok. My guess is that this is "we found some bad things...most is already known...etc...take these actions type of stuff." Wallace could be in trouble is my guess...and should be...his behavior was juvenile.
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    I don’t think KF is going anywhere, but I can see a scenario where KOK or PP were named interim HC and they pursue Klieman or whoever after the 2020 season.
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    I'm out on this season entirely. Call me when the drama is over. There are enough places in real life to OD on drama without getting it from a football team.
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    For a program to have all this internal turmoil, dealing with a pandemic shutdown would have to be the best time possible to do a complete reset. Not saying what if anything happens to Brian, but if he were to be even suspended or even fired I could see Kirk hanging it up. And with Kirk, Barta goes too. Just speculation, nothing more.
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    Sorry for the sidetrack, but what does SmokeTown mean? I've always been curious on that one for some reason.

    Maybe we should start an OT thread on where people's usernames came from. I remember one several years ago but we're probably due for an update...
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    Smoketown is a settlement on the Big Wapsie River near Readlyn. Mostly a few houses anymore. I don't know if it was ever much of a town per se.
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    Here's what's going to happen:

    Kirk survives and stays on as head coach through the investigation, but the 2020 season is cancelled due to Covid concerns.

    As a result of the investigation, Brian either leaves or is fired, and KOK is promoted back up to OC.
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    I am not crazy about speculation, but I will jump in just for giggles. KF’s current long term contract will not be affected. He will be given a firm “to do” list directly from the U of I President and Gary Barta. Failure to perform could lead to termination for cause.

    BF will be given specific direction by Barta based more on bullying and temper control than on racism, but will be held to new standards in the racism area that will be determined by the legal team review for the entire coaching staff. The further reality for BF will be a letter of reprimand in his file which would follow him the next time he applies for a position, including head coach at Iowa. Don’t underestimate the impact.

    It seems apparent that in the short run, recruiting will not suffer significantly. Frankly, right or wrong, due to society’s short attention span, longer term will have minimal to no impact.

    I don’t know enough about complaints aimed at Wallace to comment. I am confident that the coaches and support staff members will be the one’s walking on egg shells for a good long time.

    There you go. Now we will wait for the legal team’s report, and the aftermath.
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    I sure hope you are correct about the offensive line. For me, it's taken the position that the receivers used to hold for me: That, I will believe they are better when I see it. It just seems that they really haven't been all that good for several years running now. If it holds up like you say, we could be pretty good.
    Somehow, Phil Parker always has the defense playing well. And he will find some defensive linemen to perform. Linebackers and secondary will both be solid. So the team and how good we are kind of gets down to QB and O-Line, IMO.
  17. Motigerhawk

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    I see a 9 win season and 10 after the bowl game. I feel like the depth we finally have will lessen the blow of the departures.

    And with the coaches kissing ass this season, I imagine the players will really enjoy their freedom and explode.
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    Probably true but that didn't stop Indiana from bouncing Bobby Knight a month before preseason practice. And he was a larger figure than even Kirk in every way.
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    Both lines have a ton of potential. Hopefully all the crap going on doesn't side track them.
    When we have good lines we tend to do pretty well, so the real question is when was the last time we had good lines with a rb and we room like we have now? Plus the TE room was coming along by the end of last year too.
    Granted we need good qb play and secondary play, but I think we have that as well.
    I think Nixon is poised for a monster year. I think if we have a normal season, you would see his draft stock take off.
  20. RobHowe

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    I've been wondering about the impact of fans in the stands and how different it might look stadium to stadium.

    If it's 50 percent at Iowa, that probably makes it less difficult for Wisconsin, Northwestern, Nebraska and Iowa State at Kinnick. Conversely, it would make it easier for Iowa at places like Ohio State and Penn State. Minnesota is mostly Iowa fans anyway. ;)