4-Star MO LB Ayodele Adeoye Checks Out Hawkeyes

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by RobHowe, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. RobHowe

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    Ayodele Adeoye picked up an offer from Iowa last month. The 4-star Missouri linebacker had a chance to visit the Hawkeyes last week. He discussed it with HN:

  2. tksirius

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    "They were cool. The football field is kind of smaller than normal but that didn’t really matter,” he said.

    Assuming he meant the sidelines in Kinnick...?
  3. imported_ankle23

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    my take too. weird comment i think. not feeling a lot of love with this interview.
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  4. judzeehawk

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    This interview has a lot of " seems " in it. That's the last we'll hear or see of him.
  5. Stanzi

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    That seems like a rush to judgment.
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  6. judzeehawk

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    Lol Ok
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    Yeah that didn't sound too promising.
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  8. taffaej

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    Seems like he won't be coming to iowa
  9. RobHowe

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  10. Stanzi

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    Kentucky? Missouri? Illinois? Wtf
  11. tksirius

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    I blame Jane for the small field.
  12. Adam

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    Illinois field must seem HUGE (trump style) with no fans in the seats.