4 Star TE Luke Lachey officially commits

Discussion in 'Football' started by Herkeye1986, Jul 10, 2019.

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    Huge get for the Hawks! The staff is killing it this year!
  3. dahlhawk

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    Ohio and Michigan kids with big chips on their shoulders are some of my favorite recruits.
  4. ModebaSan

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    We’ve been killing it recruiting this position group. Now if we can only add Theo Johnson to the mix, I would be ecstatic. Would love to see opposing Defense Coordinators going crazy, trying to figure out a way to defend a 3,4,or even 5 TE sets with a group of dominate TE’s. Definitely the hardest position to defend in today’s modern football. Everything is in the TE’s favor vs. the defense. Superior size, strength, and athleticism not to mention the possible holding and pass interference calls. This is the kind of thing that can make Iowa a matchup nightmare for teams like the Alabama’s and Ohio St.’s of the world.
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    Bound to happen that one or more of these kids may move to LT or RT and really develop at that position.
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    Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Quite the athlete.
  8. 1hawkeye1

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    Also, Miami of Ohios and Middle TN States.;)
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    Nick Lachey's son?
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    I don't think we will be seeing many 5 TE sets. Would be cool, but probably impractical for a few reasons.
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    Wow, 247 has Iowa ranked in the top 20. It's been a long time since Iowa has had a recruiting class this highly rated.
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    Obligatory post about offer list, mac level recruit, game film not good, etc... Kidding aside it's awesome to see us produce such great results after having some amazing TEs leave early. I feel like in the 2000's we weren't able to capitalize as much as I hoped on the success of our early teams. Or maybe we did and they turned into City Boyz. It sounds like all of these kids are great individuals as well which bodes well that we don't have a 2005-2007 meltdown.

    I'm really optimistic for the future of our team, we seem to be getting increasingly better players and they seem to fit well. What do you think the difference is? Kirk's philosophy and longevity? Brian's youth and energy? Positional success?
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    In a different thread Rob said Iowa had a silent commit . . . I'm guessing this is who he was referring to
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    Longevity and consistency among assistants is huge. Dabo cracked that code and his top assistants are paid so much they aren't going to leave unless it is for an absolute top level job. There are a number of guys on Clemson who picked it because the rest of the schools in the south have major turnover either at the HC or coordinator position (Bama's coordinators are a revolving door). Kids who are getting good advice really care about that stuff.
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    I relish the idea of him getting a late Ohio state offer and staying with Iowa.
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    I’m not a football x and o’s genius, but I see no reason to not use 3 TE sets 75% of downs every drive when you are unable to recruit good WRs. Especially with the escalating athletic level of TEs with their speed and hands. Fant could have been a excellent full time WR.
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    I thought Davis ran a bunch of 3 TE sets at OSU that year we gave them a game up there. Nice thing about running an offense with a 3 TE set regularly used is it would really create a challenge in scouting us and it's something teams would only see once a year. Georgia Tech had a lot of great ball clubs due to their hanging on to the triple option for so long. Norm was able to scout it and shut it down bince we had Clayborn and 6 weeks to prepare, but when you have to face something weird with one week turnaround, it is tough.
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    Hell, plus a 6’7” TE is a little harder to miss than a 5’11” slot receiver. We aren’t playing with Tom Brady or drew brees as QB. Lachey’s arms will be able to reach a lot badly thrown balls.
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    Did you, by the way, live in the South at some time? My wife uses that saying all the time. Drives me crazy. :rolleyes: