4 years, 36 wins is that good?

Discussion in 'Football' started by deanvogs, Nov 26, 2018.

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    I meant styrofoam block wall.
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    There's always next year, guys.
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    How good a 8 - 4 team are we? Seriously, I don't know but if we dig deeper we only beat two FBS teams with winning records (NIU and Iowa St).

    The teams we beat in the conference had a combined conference record of 13-32.
    The teams we lost to were 24-12 in the conference.
    That is not good.

    What I do know is very few of us believe Kirk should be rewarded with a $500K bonus for 8 victories. And this season, as well as the previous two, is proof. It should not be hard to reach that threshold.

    And right on cue for this time of year, just like your Great Aunt Ethel's fruitcake, comes another national article highlighting Kirk's ridiculous contract.

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    Using your reasoning, since 2011 here are the only "complete and total successes" as Big Ten coaches:

    --Failure Mark Dantonio (2010 Bten champ, but no BCS, so he's a failure)
    --Failure Bret Bielema (2010-2012 Bten champ or co-champ, but lost all three rose bowls so he's a failure)
    --Winner--Dantonio 2013, and won Rose Bowl, so he's a success.
    --Winner--Urban Meyer 2014, Big Ten and National Champion.
    --Failure--Dantonio 2015 Big ten Champ, lost BCS game
    --Failure--James Franklin 2016 Big ten Champ, lost Rose Bowl, so he's a failure.
    --Failure--Urban Meyer, 2017 Big Ten Champ, won the cotton bowl, but that's not BCS, so he's a failure.

    Of your list, you have 2 "complete and total successes" by your definition.

    Every other Big Ten coach over that time is a "complete and total failure"
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    How could the team's record, in judging success of team, be "irrelevant"? How many 2-10 teams have played for the Big10 championship?? What a "simpleton-ish" statement.
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    I wonder what drills well coached teams run for hanging on to balls that poorly coached teams do not.
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    BTN was carrying it in a BTFootball in 60 format, where they play the game by televising just the plays and no replays and not showing between the tackle and the next snap. The Iowa-Nebby game will be replayed in that format a lot. They do it regularly with close games.
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    ^^^^^ I was going to point this out, but didn't have the energy or care....so thank you.
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    Well you are really using the numbers in your thread so let's see:

    1. Let's throw out KF's first two seasons in order to more objectively look at his and the hawks body of work so that we start with 2001.

    2. 2001-2017 , 139 wins in 17 seasons, or an average of 8.2 wins a season (we could round it to 8 if need be)

    So 8.2 is an average year

    3. 17 years is a fair amount of data points, 30 discreet data points or more would lead to a better statistical analysis. Now I or we could run an Analysis of the Means to increase the data points to 30 or 40 etc to get a better average but I am too lazy after sitting through 8 hours of meetings.

    I am also too lazy to use excel or SAS to find the variance or standard deviation of this data set so now I am going to take some liberties with the analysis and say 9 out of the 17 seasons, just over 50%, have total wins that lie within one win of the 8 game avg. So I am going to say 1 standard deviation which should be about 60% is a record of 7-9 wins.

    9 wins is on the high end of average. LIke I said earlier I would like to say 9 wins in the last 4 years is above average but wait. This last 4 years includes wins of 7, 12, 8, and 8 games. I would bet that the 12 win season lies in about the 3rd to 4th standard deviation or about a 1-5% chance of happening. Maybe a 1% chance since it had been about 100 years since the last undefeated regular season.

    So 2015 is a positive outlier value, way outside the norm of the last 4 years totals.

    Lets look at the last 8 years which has a negative outlier from 2012 with only 4 wins. That is 62 wins in 8 years or an avg of 7.8 wins per year which is not that much different (but about 1/2 a game a year) than the overall 8.2.

    The hawks are an 8 win a year team. That is avg. Your last 4 years is 9 wins a year with a large outlier which is why I say I would like to call it above average but if a C grade is average I am not going with a B grade but just a C+.

    Those are the numbers. And I stick with my statement that Iowa has lost probably 4-6 games in the last 4 years , maybe more, because of their play not the opponent (mostly low offensive output and scoring) and coaching and I really think there should be more 10+ win seasons.

    I dont want anyone fired or necessarily benched but I think the whole program in all aspects needs to improve 10-15% going forward, fix the issues and coach and play and recruit better. If you are averaging 3.8 yards per carry then aim and get 4.3 ypc etc etc
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    Wins don’t matter anymore.
    They’re weighted. Wins against blue bloods matter more than lesser schools. Duh?

    /sarcasm alert
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    Good idea...
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    I think Kirk is rewarded for 7 wins...nice gig
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    Kirk's bonus kicks in after the eighth win.

    Automatic raises and a pool of money to be shared by his assistants kicks in after their 7th victory.
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    Well, then they did well! Thanks.
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    Barry threw the bar away a while ago.

    It was useless. It couldn't go any lower.

    But I am all for rewarding assistants. Can you imagine where Kirk would be without competent assistants on the defensive side of the ball?

    Now if Jr's raise is bigger than Phil's again this year then we might have a scandal.
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    Hawkeye fans. We mustn't dwell on simple notions such as wins and losses. Instead our loyal fans should should be thrilled that our young men have developed into tough, well balanced football players with some wins thrown in there. Isn't that what the collegiate experience should be about? I believe my staff and I have assisted that progress greatly.
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    4 missed calls from ur mom. Is that good?
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    ...maybe for you it is.
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    The real question is "why do you even hang out here" if we're all so grating to your sensibilities? Just maybe could it be that you can't resist it? Like a rubbernecker at a bad accident?

    The only real company you seem to have on this site is a clearly identifiable small group who continually celebrate mediocrity and what most other fanbases would consider to be failure to meet teams' potential in iowa sports.
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