7-5 is a memorable season for Iowa State?

Discussion in 'Football' started by IowaHawkeyeFB, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. deanvogs

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    Illinois beat more bowl eligible teams than ISU did, it is pretty much a toss up between the two.

    ISU was really bad against any teams with the slightest of pulses this year. They were 6-0 vs non bowl eligible teams and were 1-5 vs bowl eligible teams. I will say I’ve been trolling about Minnesota schedule tho, it was really bad, even softer than ISU’s
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    Campbell already got an extension after the back to back 8 win seasons. If he's getting one after a season that fell short of expectations and in which they only won 1 game against an even mediocre team (Texas) then Pollard must have it on good authority that there's alot of other programs that are sniffing around and the names of those programs suggest that what they gave Campbell before is not enough. The problem is if some deep-pocketed SEC or ACC program comes calling then ISU doesn't have close to enough money to keep Campbell here if he wants to leave, regardless of the buyout.
  3. BryceC

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    ISU didn't play really bad against anybody but KSU. They played very well in every game honestly. That's what fans love about Campbell.

    Here is an honest question: How should ISU fans feel about this season? I think 99% of fans are being really reasonable about it.
  4. THawk122

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    I think alot of them are being reasonable, but they should feel disappointed. They were really close to being a 10 win team.
    Things are changing over in Ames, i see them being a consistent 6-8 win team going forward as long as Campbell stays in town.
  5. deanvogs

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    I'm not sure how you can say going 0-5 vs teams with a pulse is playing "very well" (no Texas doesn't have a pulse). You do realize that is basically celebrating moral victories in year 4 of Campbell. I wonder what catchy slogan Pollard and Campbell will throw at you next year to yet again distract you from results, and continue to be happy with moral victories? #TrustTheProcess

    A 7 win year isn't the worst thing, I'll give you that. ISU fans are free to feel how they want, but typically they will just feel however Pollard tells them to feel. So, I'm sure it is all sunshine and rainbows in Clown town after 7 wins.
  6. BryceC

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    That's basically exactly how people feel. Everybody knows something was left on the table, but recognize sometimes the ball bounces the other way, and we're looking forward to next year.

    What you're doing here is holding ISU to a standard you don't hold Iowa to. You constantly drag the Iowa fans that get on Kirk for a season like this one, which is a good season historically for a program like Iowa.

    This season is a good season historically for ISU. It could have been better and that's a bummer. But if you want people to be pissed about it, you're probably just not going to get it to happen.

    ISU played every single game this season within one score except the KSU game. I think that's playing pretty well. You can disagree, I just think that's demonstrably false.
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    I imagine that ISU fans are over-all satisfied but a little disappointed in the ones that got away. They lost four close games, Oklahoma by 1, Iowa by 1, Baylor by 2, Oklahoma State a touchdown with less than a minute of play. They had K State tied until under five minutes left. None of those are losses to bad teams. There's still a chance they will go 8-5, for the third year straight.

    Their situation isn't at all like Iowa's. Iowa's been losing close games for twenty years now. It got aggravating a long time ago. Now most doubt it that will change. Iowa State's current win streak is 3 years. They're far more worried about losing their coach to another program like Earl Bruce left at the end of the 70's.

    As long as ISU keeps losing to Iowa and don't cut into the recruiting too much, I don't care how much they win. I'd rather play a decent team than Mayor McCheesebuger's clown guys with fries. If they are that decent team, more power to them.

    Now eat your Happy Meals and stop bitching so damn much!
  8. deanvogs

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    What are you talking about? Look at my sig. below. 7 win season is a completely average season. Plus I never said ISU fans should want to fire Campbell. I have on the other hand called for Kirk's firing after a 7 win season (2014). Kirk can have a couple ho hum years in my book after the highs he has attained. Yet after 5 years of '10-'14 I had had enough of ho hum and averaging 6.8 win per year over those 5 years, and thought it was time to move on. Today is again a different context. Iowa has 46 wins over the last 5 years (9.2 Wins per years, 10th most wins of all P5 teams). Those Hawk fans that are complaining are insane. You have to put things in context. So yeah I would absolutely hold Kirk, and have held Kirk to a higher than 7 win standard (over a reasonable period of time).

    If you want to continue to bask in moral victories this year, be my guest. I'm sure this is the message that Pollard is pumping, so it will be the what 99% of ISU fans will feel.
  9. DDThompson

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    Nebby fans are jealous of Iowa State’s season
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  10. deanvogs

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    They are jealous of ISU's last 5 years.

    ISU 29-33
    Nebraska 28-34

    Ooops, forgot Iowa's just for a frame of reference of what a good team looks like. 46-19
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    Wow .... didn’t even think of that. That’s an eye-opening stat
  12. deanvogs

    deanvogs Well-Known Member

    Yeah, and even more eye popping is the last 3 years looks like this:

    ISU 23-15
    Nebraska 13-23
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    I think there may have been a comprehension disconnect, at least from what I understood when I read BryceC's post. Historically, a 7 win season for Iowa State is a good season, just the same as a 8/9 win season is historically good for Iowa (per your own signature admission). ISU, in the last 100 years, has won 8 or more times 7 times (with a chance for an 8th this year) and if they succeed this year, 3 of those 8 seasons will have occurred in the last 3 years. I would imagine ISU would be frustrated that they were so close in several games (without getting over the hump in those one score games) much the same way as Iowa fans feel the "What if?" feeling about this year, but at the end of the day both teams won a historically good number of games during their respective regular seasons.
  14. BVHawk95

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    Nebraska's record during that time period is immensely propped up by their 9-4 2016 campaign. They've gone 6 wins (5-7 bowl team), 9 wins, 4 wins, 4 wins, and 5 wins.

    Iowa State has gone 3 wins, 3 wins, 8 wins, 8 wins, and currently 7. So while the numbers are similar, Nebraska has stagnated while Iowa State has definitely improved.

    I wouldn't call myself "worried" about Iowa State's surge, but I stand by my previous statement that I consider them much more of a threat than Nebraska right now.
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  15. BryceC

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    I'm not calling them moral victories. What I'm saying is a team can play well and still lose. Playing a great team like OU and losing by 1 point on a close 2 point conversion on the road is playing well. Losing by 2 on the road to a BU team that has 1 loss is playing well.
  16. okeefe4prez

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    Yeah, you gotta play your schedule and you guys came up close in a lot of games. The ball bounces weird, sometimes you just get beat, sometimes you beat yourself. It's football. If you guys were in the ACC and didn't play Clemson, you'd be a 9 or 10 win club.