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    7 months is the combined jail time for Curley, Schultz and Spanier's involvement in the Jerry Sandusky abuse scandal cover-up. There is some house arrest time and a token fine thrown on top for good measure. The Daily Mail Story sums up the sordid tale pretty concisely.
  2. tksirius

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    And the B1G hangs on to that pathetic school.
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    Quite frankly this has disturbing parallels at Iowa.

    A football coach is more powerful than anyone else at the Univ. of Iowa. And no matter what happens he is never held accountable. He's so tone deaf he invents an award for a guy who sent 13 kids to the hospital.

    I disagree strongly with John and Rob that KF is morally better than anyone who comments about him on a message board.
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    Common Josh, that is like saying there are parallels between you and Charles Manson. Both of you go on long tiresome insane rants.

    To compare any other coach to what was going on at Penn St. is stupid. Saban is the most powerful college coach on the planet, and he has ZERO parallels with Penn St. and Paterno.
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    Lol. Just so you know... I don't think anyone takes you seriously because all you do is go on long incoherent rants. It's really strange.
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    I think you are on to something here and it needs to be thoroughly investigated. If we can find out why Kirk Ferentz is donating so much money to the University and other charitable causes....i think we can break this thing wide open. The money is the key...follow the money. Right now, it appears he is lining the pockets of the Children's wing of University Hospitals...very, very suspicious. Why would you give that much money to children? Should we call Hannity...he's solved the Seth Rich case.
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    To be fair, Joe Pa donated a boat load of money as well.
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    Good to know it's not just me that has no idea what he's talking about most of the time.
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    He hits the mark sometimes, but when he's off, he's way off.
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    Honestly, this is the first post of his I've read beginning to end, and I think I did so because it was so idiotic.

    Most of the time I see the format and grammar of his posts (or threads that he starts) and I don't even bother because it's obvious that it's nothing but another long incoherent rant by Joshbrown.
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    Sure, parallels, but not really. Catholic and Jewish faith have parallels...except that one thing. Kinda like Rhabdo and child rape coverup.

    Parallels can be drawn in most situations...especially when you want to see them.

    Nah, brah.
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    Here's a question...how many years do you think I would have gotten if I allowed my neighbor to come over to my house and molest children. I even set up a charity to bring disadvantaged children over so they could play in my back yard and meet their sports heros. After the sports celebrity leaves, my neighbor molests them. It's a system. Now I suspected my neighbor was molesting them, since he was showering with them. When I finally have visual evidence, I immediately don't allow my neighbor to come over any more. Now, I say nothing, and allow him to continue his charity work and see children. I keep everything quiet.

    You think i'm getting 3 months in jail?
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    Rhabdo = Pedo cover up? No......not today. Not on this planet.
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    Joe Pa was held accountable. He stopped coaching after the scandal broke loose though he was at the age that he might have retired anyway. He had a sterling reputation before the Sandusky thing happened and now does not. They took his statue down and vacated a lot of his wins. He died not long after the scandal happened, possibly in part because of brokenness he may have felt over it. He was held accountable for looking the other way and not taking things nearly seriously enough.

    Ferentz had no idea these intense workouts would cause Rhabdo. Perhaps he should have known it was possible but it wasn't an intentional and reckless effort on his part. Some players were hurt and Ferentz's reputation was hurt by it but by a much smaller degree than Paterno's, as it should have been when one honestly examines the two situations.
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    I thought Joe Pedo's wins were reinstated...
  18. Joshbrown

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    PSU has paid out hundreds of millions in pasuits . . . But I think most of the NCAA penalties were prematurely dropped. Which bothers me.

    *********PREPARE FOR RANT***********

    I don't like what has happened to sports in American society. I myself luv sports and participated as a youth in organized baseball; football; swimming; diving and wrestling. As an individual, competed in racquetball; tennis and bowling.

    But when I was young.

    Steroids; gambling and corking in baseball???
    I don't remember that.

    NBA being a thug league where players come out with "I can't breath" shirts and hands up don't shoot demonstrations. I think the WNBA wore shirts attacking the police.
    I don't remember that.

    NFL embracing people like Michael Vick who tortures animals. And people like Colin K. Not to mention several star players charged with murder and wife beating.
    I don't remember that.

    And John Wooden wasn't all about greed and megalomaniac power.

    I don't like what's happened to amateur and professional sports.

    Pro sports are now a religion for people like Deano. (Hawkeyes are a pro franchise in my mind since the facilities and administrative compensation are professional level)

    Amateur sports are now a participation ribbon festival, making MH happy.

    Sports is entertainment, not a religion. Extremism is out of control everywhere . . . and that sickness has infected sports in a big way.
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    JoePa was a big donor.

    KF has the kind of power that could create a PSU situation exceot is missing the popularity.

    Any coach that doesn't understand rhabdo shouldnt be coaching. The award at best was ill advised. Is rhabdo child abuse... it could be a case of abuse of authority and is a very serious condition.

    Making concern isnt so bad. The PSU situation is terrible. It didn't happen in a vacuum. Some of the parallels should be noted.

    KF does have too much power. Why that is is an intrguing question.
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  20. The Big LeHAWKski

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    I agree that Paterno did many great things as a coach. He was a successful coach and father-figure to hundreds of young men who truly loved and respected the man. I think I recall that he donated millions for the P$U library. His was a classic case of how the mighty have fallen.
    All the good things he did though have been washed away by his ridiculous lapse in judgement and his complete abandonment of any leadership as Head Coach in the Sandusky nightmare.
    I believe in the end we all get what we deserve.
    I'm not sure where JoePa is...but I'll bet you it's pretty damn warm.