A&M to make run at James Franklin

Discussion in 'General College Football' started by Duke, Oct 12, 2017.

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  2. tksirius

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    I hope they get him!
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  3. 99topdawg

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    Where do I contribute to the fund? I have $14 in unmarked bills just waiting to be slid under the table.
  4. Stanzi

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    I would love Franklin to leave the Big 10, but Texas A&M can't offer him anything PSU can't also offer.
  5. Loftis

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  6. 99topdawg

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    Loftis, your post makes me wonder your opinion on a lunch conversation from yesterday. Who do you think will be Iowa's toughest football match this fall?
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  7. chucktownhawk

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    Better yet, what quote really came out of Stanley's mouth.
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  8. tksirius

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