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    It was good to see the players finally play for him and execute the gameplan after just going through the motions and letting Ferentz and the fans down for the whole season.
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    I didn't know you were such a whining wuss.
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    He doesn't "love" the Hawks.
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    Over the past 20 year period, there have been a total of 11 schools that have won national championships, and during that same period, 14 different coaches have won National Championships. It is difficult to do, even when you are a blue blood. Of the schools on this list, I would consider Miami to be the only school that is not a blue blood any longer, and perhaps Auburn. The thing that I find interesting is the number of coaches that have won titles, who "I" consider having won their titles under a cloud of suspicion, and who no longer coach.I don't think Kirk is a great coach, but I certainly think he is way above average. He and Hayden, while coaching with different philosophy and personalities, have similar results. I notice that a number of posters continually refer to Hayden and his difficult OOC scheduling. While I remember a few times playing Miami, Colorado, etc. Hayden also scheduled plenty of cream puffs. Additionally, while Hayden only played 11 games a year, the Big Ten was significantly weaker during his time here. Northwestern and Wisconsin were nowhere close to their current level of performance. Anyway, I love reading this message board, but have never felt compelled to post until now. The humor in these threads is a riot....

    For your reading pleasure:

    National Titles, 1996-2015

    Florida State--2
    Ohio State--2

    National Titles by Coach, 1996-2015
    Nick Saban, 5 (Still Active)
    Urban Meyer, 3 (Still Active)
    Steve Spurrier, 1 (Retired)
    Lloyd Carr, 1, (Fired/Retired)
    Bobby Bowden, 1, (Fired/Retired)
    Bob Stoops, 1 (Active)
    Larry Coker, 1 (Fired, disgraced, exiled?)
    Jim Tressel, 1 (Fired/Disgraced)
    Pete Carroll, 1 (Fired/Disgraced)
    Mack Brown, 1 (Fired/Retired)
    Les Miles, 1 (Fired)
    Gene Chizik, 1 (Fired)
    Jimbo Fisher, 1 (Active)

    I would love to see Iowa compete for National Championships. I have been watching the Hawkeyes play since I was a boy, and the first game I remember watching/listening to was Hayden's first Rose Bowl. Every year, I have high hopes for them, yet they have never delivered a National Championship in my time watching or listening. I have never been disappointed by this; in fact, it has been the opposite for me. They have gone a number of magical runs that have always been as exciting as you can imagine. The fact that they haven't won a National Championship in my time just makes each time that they contend that much more special.

    As you look over the list of teams that has won, it truly seems to take a blue blood program in order to pull off this feat. I would take it a step further and look at the list of coaches who has won. Of that list, I would qualify Nick Saban and Urban Meyer as two truly great coaches, and possibly Pete Carroll, although the record shows that he was cheating, so I take him off that list. The rest of the names--guys that happened to be at a blue blood program at the right place and time.

    Anyway, interested to see what the reaction to 20 years worth of facts is.

    Keep posting, as this is one of my favorite sites for entertainment!
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    Thank you for the kind words, especially the encouragement for all of us to keep posting. We would like to return the favor but you're obviously an alt, so we will encourage you to post once every 10 years. Thanx for your cooperation.

    LOL vvvvvvvvvvv in . . . 3 . . . .2 . . .
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    Ok, I laughed really hard at this one Josh......and I feel guilty cause that was a good post by bjohnson.

    bjohnson keep on posting, because Josh's post proves that even the most worthless posters make great contributions to this site from time to time, and we should all post more, not less......well unless you disagree with me or don't like me, then STFU.
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    I notice you have nothing to say about the facts that I posted, regardless of who I really am. Facts are facts...
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    And for the record, I'm not an alt...Miller can confirm that this account has existed for years, I just haven't used it until now...

    I have a twitter handle, rarely post...

    I have a facebook page, rarely post...

    They mostly exist for me to keep up with others, but I finally got to the point on this site that I had to respond, it just gets so silly. I don't really want to get into bashing others, so I'll try to just speak for myself.
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    Don't take Josh seriously......nobody else on this site does, so you shouldn't either.
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    Oh, I don't....I've read a lot of his stuff....
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    Hoping to see three more just like this. The final two games and a bowl win would be great.
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    Well, I guess we know what dean's alt is. Could it be any more obvious?
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    alt or no alt, it was a great post
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    Speaking of entertainment. Is there anything more entertaining than witnessing men with an AARP membership satisfy their school-girl crush for a 60yr old they've never met? Any well-adjusted individual who reads this thread will feel compelled to shower immediately afterwards.
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    Nice take. you should post more. we need pragmatism here.
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    Tells me that we are 6-4 because we just beat a very overrated Michigan team who will get drilled in two (2) weeks.
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    They may get beat this week as well.

    It was still a great win being a 21 point dog.
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    Define "drilled" and then name your terms on said bet that OSU will "drill" Michigan.
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    Most excellent, bjohnson.....

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