Aaron Mends Commits

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by acharipar35, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. acharipar35

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    Per Blair Sanderson on twitter
  2. WildTurkey

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    Give us a link!
  3. JonDMiller

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    Nice words:

    "The kind of guy Coach Ferentz is also was big. He's humble. He's been at Iowa for years. Other places call him and he stays there. If he's staying at Iowa, there must be something real special at Iowa."
  5. Eda

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    He must not read the boards here:

    "The campus is really nice and the team is heading in the right direction,' Mends said"

    I kid. I kid.

    Welcome aboard young fella.
  6. PhoenixHawk

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    I likey! Welcome, Mr. Mends!
  7. CPHAWK82

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    Nice, looks like a strong kid too.
  8. bigjim

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    Yea he looks real strong needs to get a little faster and work on his closing speed all & all he looks good
  9. gohawkz

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    Welcome aboard. Winnetonka High School is about a mile away from my house. The same school Jarod Cole went to.
  10. greenrocket

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    Yeah, or other places have stopped calling him after the train wreck we've been witnessing. Hope he turns it around.

    Welcome to Iowa, Aaron.
  11. bigjim

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    I think coach Ferentz is a good coach we just need a couple real good recruiters to get some good players to come here recruiting has been down for the last couple of years and now it is starting to show on the field. Hopefully we can get a few quality wins this season and get the recruits excited about Iowa football