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Discussion in 'Hawkeye Baseball' started by Butkus051, Mar 12, 2020.

  1. Butkus051

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    I am pushing the idea that any athlete in a spring sport (i.e. track, softball, tennis, baseball, rowing or golf) should receive another year of eligibility. Don't know if it'll have any impact but perhaps it plants an idea with someone.
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  2. ssckelley

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    If you do this then they need to expand scholarships
  3. smhawk

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    Yes, and NCAA should pay for them if schools can't. For one year your expand scholarships.

    It would tempt some new recruits to want to transfer or back out of commitment if they could though.
  4. ssckelley

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    Interesting read on this topic:

    I think it's a bit overblown, I don't see any team having 60 players on their roster. The top end talent will still be leaving for pro baseball anyway both Juniors and Seniors and those are the ones who are taking up most of the scholarship money. So expand the scholarships (11.7 scholarships per team needs to be expanded anyway). Perhaps only allow each team to bring back 2 or 3 seniors.
  5. THawk122

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    A nephew was called the other day and asked to come back next year without scholarship.
    They're predicting no football season, therefore they dont think theyll have the money for scholly
  6. ssckelley

    ssckelley Well-Known Member

    Either that or they have filled their scholarship allotment.
  7. tksirius

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    Will Kirk do this?

  8. tmess1989

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    I would think that larger schools like Iowa that are towards the top in overall athletic department revenue wont have issues shelling out an extra few hundred thousand to cover scholarship needs for the extra years. Since spring sports have mostly partial scholarships to offer anyway, I wonder how many spring athletes will take advantage of this extra year anyway.