Admission Fraud

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Ree4, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Ree4

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    No surprise that people are buying their way into colleges effectively denying others admission. A few coaches have been named in some obscure sports for , does anyone think the big sports are involved and we might see football or basketball affected by this?

  2. PawkHawk1

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    Doubtful. Too much attention is paid to the bigger sports. Enquiring minds would be asking too many questions about random people on the roster.
    Rowing is not something often asked about.
  3. karras

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    100% correct . . . let's all ignore Rastetter
  4. SpiderRico

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    It's a lot easier to use tennis, water polo, rowing, and other obscure sports to claim "athletic privilege" in admissions than it is the football or basketball no, I don't think we'll be seeing anything sticking to the major sports....
  5. Ree4

    Ree4 Well-Known Member

    The only problem with that is that he actually plays, if he sat on the bench then it would look fishy. Come to think of it, maybe that's the whole reason he DOES play. I would keep separate above board donations and what happened in this case, although the result is pretty much the same.
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  6. Hawkfnntn

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    Yeah they'd have been called on it if he'd never played to some extent too. But that sort of thing is more of a coming in the 'back door' as they say. It's directly going through the schools themselves. It's shady but not illegal so much. Just looks bad and is bad. But nobody is going to jail over it.

    It's all the going in the 'side door shit' though 3rd parties and out right cheating. Be it on the tests and whatnot is insane. That's basically what college basketball has been having go on with the shoe companies. 3rd parties getting paid to secure commits it's just the other way around.

    This guy he'd started a foundation that allowed these folks to write off their bribes. Unreal. Wonder how log it'd been going on and what other outfits are out there doing similar stuff. No way he's only one. Sounds like he's cooperating hoping for leinincy I suppose. So the specifics will get out there. These rich stuck up shmucks will get their public shaming and social media will not go easy on them. That'll be worse then what their punishments will be most likely.. They can all afford whatever fines they get obviously..
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  7. Ree4

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    Yeah they'll probably get 2 months in jail, a $10,000 fine and 6 months probation. White collar crimes have such light sentences it's insane.
  8. HaydenHawk56

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    Every where you look
    There's a fraud (There's a fraud)
    A hand to bribe onto
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  9. Hawkfnntn

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    Yup. No doubt. I never heard what blew the lid off this and started it though. My guess is it was the foundation part of it where the IRS discovered some tax fraud going on of some sort and they started pealing back the onion from there. I'm not sure. But yeah these rich folks will hire fancy lawyers and (one of them was a lawyer of some sort) or tickle the palm of the judge and will get just a little slap on the wrist. I'll be surprised if their 'made an example of' because it'll be argued it's a 'victimless' crime yet we all know better than that.
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  10. SpiderRico

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    This is federal because of mail and wire involvement, so the FBI is involved. So I doubt there’s leniency involved...they typically don’t mess around...
  11. Hawkfnntn

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    What the FBI being involved just about guarantees is that it's an open and shut case. When it comes to sentencing it's still in hands of a judge or jury. A jury (of middle class folks) would be pretty less apt to go easy on anyone that's for sure. Any judge would be a crapshoot of a guess. They can do the most random of head scratching things I'd almost never try to predict what they'll do.
  12. HawkGold

    HawkGold Well-Known Member

    I believe the minimum sentence is 5 years. This came about due to the bb scandel.

    These will be federal juries not impacted by local politics.