Adrian Clayborn vs AJ Epenesa

Discussion in 'Football' started by KCTrainer, Nov 30, 2019.

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    Clayborn is a Hawkeye legend without question. His performances against Penn St at home when they were ranked top 5 in the country and against Georgia Tech in the BCS Orange bowl were amazing. After seeing AJE performance yesterday I decided to take a look at their career sack totals and this is what I found.

    AC had 19 sacks in 4 seasons at Iowa. As it stands with likely just 1 game remaining for AJE. AJ has 24 in 3 seasons. That has to be one of if not the best Sack total ever in a 3 year span at Iowa. I would like to know if it is an all time best.

    2 great players that we are lucky to have as part of the Hawkeye family.
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  2. HaydenHawk56

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    I would take AJ though over Clayborn. It seemed Clayborn got soft his last year at Iowa. AJ has seemed to be hardcore throughout his career.
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    You can't have this discussion without Jared Devries

    DeVries attended the University of Iowa, and played for the Iowa Hawkeyes football team from 1995 to 1998. He holds the Hawkeyes' team record for career quarterback sacks with 43 and tackles-for-loss with 79. As a freshman, he started every game in 1995, recording 54 tackles, 12 sacks and 19 tackles-for-loss and was named MVP of the 1995 Sun Bowl vs. Washington. As a sophomore in 1996, he was a Football News All-American third-team pick after recording 22 tackles-for-loss tying the school's single season record. As a junior in 1997 he was named an Associated Press and Football News All-American second-team selection as well as the team's Co-MVP after starting ever game at left defensive tackle. As a senior in 1998, he was an All-Big Ten first-team selection for the third straight season, and was recognized as a consensus first-team All-American.
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    DeVries had 25 sacks in his first 2 years
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    Was that one of Ferentz first years? I remember him playing for the Lions. 25 in 2 seasons is Unreal!
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    And like Adrian, I'd love to see AJ back next year. That is, you know, if they gave me a vote.
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    AC was better against the run, he was a true 3 down lineman. But, AJ’s athleticism is on a different level.

    However, Adrian will have a 10 year career next season which is pretty rare in the NFL.
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    That was 1995 & 1996 under Fry
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    Back to the topic of De Vries. He had a better motor than both of them, can arguably say that he has worse defensive teams to play with, and played through some injuries for at least 1 if not 2 years.

    Unless AJE comes back I think the comparison cannot really be made. Clayborn took a step back his senior year because he had more attention and was double teamed more and in my opinion he didn't seem to be in as good of shape and was maybe a little heavy and lost some speed.

    While I do not think AJE is lazy of takes plays off he kind fo disappears at times
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    Clayborn was on a line that played every snap and we rode that defense hard.
    He was an every down player.
    AJ is talented, no doubt. Has the build, no doubt.
    I'm 99% sure that both him and Tristan can raise their draft stock.
    Our inability to run the ball reflected badly on our ol. Right or wrong it did. We barely broke into the top 100 in rushing. Well, we found a runner and he is going to get bigger, stronger and better this off-season.
    With the way our young db's and backers progressed this year the dl will be able to just pin their ears back next year.
  11. KCTrainer

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    That seems to be partly true as I can remember him just looking a little less aggressive. However he may have the most sacks in any NFL game by a Hawkeye when he had 6 vs the Dallas cowboys a couple years back.
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    AC played hurt most of his senior year. That said, AJE is a different animal. His athleticism is rare given his size, position, etc., and he is truly versatile. He could add 10 pounds and go full-time tackle, or lose 15 and go linebacker and be just as awesome at either position. He caught passes on trick plays, and could probably play situational FB or H-Back and do serious damage.
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    AJ could carry another 10-15 pounds without losing a step. I honestly don't know how you can pass up 1st round guaranteed millions, but I selfishly hope every underclassman comes back next year, we shore up the interior line, have a new MLB emerge, have Petras be the man.... oh man, expectations would be stupid high.
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    It would be insane for him to come back. That said, I saw his parents and brothers tailgating at Mustard's Last Stand before the NW game, and they look like true college fans. His brothers were the smartest ones in the group, staying in the back of the SUV while everyone else stood out in the crazy wind and, later, rain.
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    All the above a great. Maybe I missed it, but I'd add Matt Roth since we're talking DE's.
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    Matt certainly deserves to be in the conversation

    AC and AJ are legendary

    Love AJ's attitude. He is very cool and isn't trying to send someone to the hospital
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    They are both so good they make the whole defense better just being there. That being said, if AJ stays next year, Iowa's defensive line will dominate.
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    i'm 46 and Adrian Clayborn's punt block, scoop and score vs. Penn State in 2009 is one of my most vivid Hawkeye memories of all time. He, like AJE, was clutch.
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