AJ Espensa ranked 2nd in his class by 247 Sports

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Casey388, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Casey388

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  2. iowalaw

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    Let's reel him in.
  3. HawgEyeState

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    A.J. would really look terrific in Hawkeye Black n Gold.
    He could follow in the footsteps of Adrian Clayborn, Karl Klug,
    Matt Roth, Colin Cole, MikeDaniels as HAWKEYES Defensive linemen in the NFL.
  4. Hawkfnntn

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    Talk about a kid we just can't afford to not get... Everything points towards us being a perfect fit. Just hope he comes I don't care if he waits till his signing day to do so just so much as he does. (Although if he'd commit this morning that'd be fine by me)
  5. Hawknick

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    He's going to make a good player for Iowa.
  6. tm3308

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    Not that Im sold that it will happen, but just imagine if we landed Epenesa and Juan Harris in the same class. That'd be an insane 1-2 punch up front.
  7. Hawkfnntn

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    I'd sure like to think the staff is trying to sell them on that too.... I'm not either I'd say it's more likely Iowa gets neither of them as opposed to both. But that'd be a heck of a win this staff needs on the recruiting trail. However I'm not sold that this staff will be there when it comes time for either of them to suit up...
  8. smbhawk1

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    The good thing is that AJ likes Iowa and is a legacy recruit. His recruitment is not tied to the current staff and won't be a deal breaker when they are fired.
  9. docholihawk

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    Just a note to A.J. if he's reading. We need you. You'll be a legend in black and gold.
  10. BleednGumsMrphy

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    this wwould be a huge get. He is going to be a star wherever goes but hopefully he is touting black and gold. I expect his recruiting process to ramp up in the fall when he is a junior.. At least now we have our great football facility to keep up with the other programs that will be recruiting him
  11. nilekinnick

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    Any updates if we are amongst his top choices.
  12. LGEND24

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    Eppy did an interview with KCJJ recently. He spoke highly of Iowa and Notre Dame. He did mention that his son has been a Hawkeye fan his whole life, which counts for something.
  13. HawkWT

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    I would imagine he will be on campus in September "unofficially" to check out the finished facilites.
  14. Mademyaccount4u

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    If Harris stays committed and AJ decides to bring his talents to IC. Man, that D-line will murder some offenses. Maybe even get some other top recruits to come in.
  15. LGEND24

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    For Hawkeye fans interested in watching AJ play, his Edwardsville team is playing at Rock Island on Friday.
  16. Hawkfnntn

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    Hopefully it'd start a snow ball effect for sure. I was hoping if Iowa could have gotten Hilliards brother that went to OSU he could have had a similar impact.. I think that new facility is only going to help with recruiting going forward and kids will have a tougher time saying no.
  17. QuadCityHawkeye

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    That was a fantastic interview with some good stories by Eppy about his time at Iowa and Hayden Fry.

    Sounded like he wanted his kid to go to Iowa but wasn't pushing him in any specific direction.
  18. Hawk1960

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  19. Stanzi

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    This season couldn't have come at a better time as far as trying to land some of these big name recruits.
  20. Hawk1960

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    True ... and big fish attract more big fish.