Akrum Wadley and the AAF

Discussion in 'Football' started by Zstatman, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. Zstatman

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    I thought I saw a tweet in the last couple of weeks that Akrum Wadley was about to sign a contract to play in Canada this year. But I just saw that Akrum is listed on the final roster of the Atlanta Legend of the new football league that begins play this weekend, the Alliance of American Football (AAF).

    Jake Duzey was earlier on the Birningham Iron roster but he's no longer listed.

    There are lots of players on the rosters from Ohio St, Michigan, Nebraska and other big schools but only one Hawkeye on all 8 teams.

    I hope this is Akrum's springboard to the NFL.
  2. Hawkfnntn

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    Yeah he spurned Canada for ATL. With how this winter has been what a no brainer of a decision that was... But yeah I thought he'd have gotten picked up by someone when TN cut him but no one did. The kid is versatile and can catch passes, run routes and return kicks. You'd think there'd always be one of 32 teams looking for someone like that. It's not like he's some slouch that can't run the ball either.
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    After watching the Super Bowl I was thinking what a huge weapon he would be in the Patriots offense, they always have an underrated budget RB that can catch the ball and makes plays in the open field.
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    They have a super player in James White catching the ball out of the RB position and Burkhead can also. Not sure how much money white makes but he is worth it.

    But these teams find these players that no one has heard of. Who knew of the Cohen kid playing for the Bears. He looks as explosive and do-everything as Wadley. I hope Akrum does get the chance on a team that can use him in the slot and on 3rd downs at least. And like you say as a kickoff returner, gunner, and maybe punt returner.

    Those last 5 roster spots are usually guys who can fill a bunch of special teams and 3rd down specialist roles
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    I heard the St. Louis franchise in the re-boot of the XFL is going to be called the Riots.
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    Yeah if only the 3 guys they currently have get broken up. They have the perfect backfield group now that all compliment each other. If White or Burkhead were to go off to greener pastures this off season at all then heck yea. I'm not sure what either of their contract situations are. But Michel rookie they have that scored in the Super Bowl isn't going anywhere for awhile.
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  7. Zstatman

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    It feels like the AAF is the perfect spot for Akrum at this point in his career. Get a chance at proving himself. I think he was injured when he got cut last year although I was surprised nobody picked him to give him a look.
  8. homes

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    Good luck to Akrum - I hope he catches on with an NFL team next year.
  9. Zstatman

    Zstatman Well-Known Member

    ONe of the good things about the AAF is that they are set up so that if an NFL team wants one of their players, they've got them.
  10. pythagoras

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    The AAF doesn't have kickoffs so unfortunately his skill set there will not be able to be displayed.
  11. Zstatman

    Zstatman Well-Known Member

    Akrum's first game with the Legend is today, Saturday, at 7 PM Central Time.

    Their website shows that the game will be broadcast on CBS but I'm not seeing it on my TV guide.
  12. DenverHawk94

    DenverHawk94 Well-Known Member

    Good info, local Denver CBS is a go.

    I’ll give it a watch. Looks like the backfield has one name of note, Denard Robinson and a ND and CFL also ran.

    Seems like AW should get a lot of playing time, depending on how washed up DR is.
  13. NCHawker

    NCHawker Well-Known Member

    Akrum is on CBS right now...at least here in NC playing for Atlanta. No carries yet
  14. NCHawker

    NCHawker Well-Known Member

    Denard Robinson played at UM 10 years ago....right?
  15. BVHawk95

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    Apparently Akrum is inactive tonight
  16. DeereHawk75

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    Another thing to like is the length of the game. Watching San Antonio game and the game will be played in 2 1/2 hours. Fox broadcast games at Kinnick last about 4 hours.
  17. DenverHawk94

    DenverHawk94 Well-Known Member

    I was wrong, Denver got the San vs San game. I tried streaming the ATL game with not much success. Never actually saw much of the game, never saw AW.
  18. CP87

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    What do they do to speed it up? Have they shortened actually playing time, do they have rules for more running clock, or are have they cut down on dead time?

    Just curious because that is a change that could go a long way toward stabilizing some of the waning popularity of football.
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  20. KCRC

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    The Orlando team lists Bob Sanders as the Defensive Coordinator under Head Ball Coach Steve Spurrier. Is that our Bob Sanders? If so, I didn't know he got into coaching.