All Time B1G Wins Throughout History

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    That's an awesome graphic. Never seen an animated chart quite like that. Might have to check out the software running it.
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    That’s pretty damn impressive.
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    haha, great observation and really going out on a limb there.

    It is sure great the hawks got Fry and Ferentz the last 40 years.
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    There was a guy named were evashevski that wasn’t bad. You might throw him a bone or three. He wasn’t bad
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    Too bad they left University of Chicago out of the mix.
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    Love those kind of graphics. Was expecting Iowa to ascend a bit more in the 80s than what it showed.
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    I'm surprised that Rutgers has 1 more win than Iowa. But they started playing football in 1869!

    I was reading about some of the seasons Michigan had in the early 1900's under Fielding Yost and his point a minute offense. They once skunked Iowa 107-0!
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    Mount Rushmore: Evy; Hayden; Kirk; Howard Jones??
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    Rutgers having a fair number of wins isn't too surprising once you factor in who they were playing. Before the joined the Big East in 1990 they were an independent for much of their existence. In the mid to late 1980's they were essentially playing a Big East slate.

    If you look back earlier than the mid-eighties though you will see a lot of lesser opponents, Fordham, Colgate, William & Mary, Holy Cross, Cornell, Princeton, Bucknell, Lehigh, Yale, Villanova, Lafayette, UMass, Delaware, Dartmouth, Columbia, Tulane, Richmond, Boston University, Mulenberg. A few of those were decent teams. Some on the very lowest end could be whipped by an half way decent high school team. Cornell and Columbia were really, really, really, bad. Some of those institutions aren't playing football anymore, and it might be questioned whether they were playing football back then either.
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    Iowa football had two long droughts. The first being between 1930 & 1955. The second between 1962 & 1980. Iowa posted seven winning seasons between 1930 & 1955, in 1933, 35, 39, 42, 46, 53 & 54. They had two ties in 1930 and 1940. The most notable winning season was in 39. The second winning drought from 1962 to 1980 had no winning seasons and three tie records in 1963, 1968 and 1969.

    The downturn in the 1930's followed the 1929 slush fund scandal and Iowa's one year suspension from the Big Ten in 1930.

    Evy's winning streak and it's short lived aftermath lasted only six years from 1956 to 61. Evy was a man very ill suited for an administrative role as athletic director in the following decade though.
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    Dr Alden Knipe and Dr Eddie Anderson also need consideration. Bob Commings, Frank Lauterbuhr, Ray Nagel & Jerry Burns need not apply. Burt Ingwersen & Jess Hawley probably just need to count the ballots.
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